liver disease is best to eat only seven minutes full liver disease diet has exquisite

the for any one diet is very important in daily life.but especially for sick, because healthy people not to eat, at most is the lack of nutrition, for the diseased may be aggravated.liver disease how to eat?

liver disease is best to eat only seven minutes full, this is because:

a, prevent blood pressure

there are data shows, for some often feast, especially dinner too full and love to eat sweet and salty food, their total calorie intake is far more than the body needs, such not only can let the liver burden, will also become excess fat, elevated blood lipids, heart head blood-vessel sclerosis consequences.

2, easing the burden on the liver

eating too full can greatly increase the burden of liver, pay more attention to control their liver matter whether health, everyone should pay attention to don't eat too much.

as long-term overeat, are prone to fat, liver fatty infiltration, and by the late is prone to cirrhosis of the liver and suffering from senile dementia, is bad for health.

as there are habitual constipation, is easier to induce early cirrhosis of the liver, because patients after excess meat food into feces in intestinal retention time is too long, some harmful material to produce more and can not discharge in time, accumulated will be absorbed by the intestine weight, this will more than the liver detoxification capacity, prompting the liver from quantitative change to qualitative change and thus hard to change.

and excess toxins can also through the blood brain barrier, damage the central nervous system, when there are liver function is bad, will be contributed to one of the important factors of hepatic coma, bone syndrome, so liver disease to moderate diet.

liver disease diet taboo:

1, high-fat foods

in general, high fat food contains very high quantity of heat, if long-term accumulation, can lead to elevated blood lipids and body fat, such as fatty liver disease symptoms, and it also can increase the cholesterol, to cause the liver burden, affecting the normal operation.

2, wine

because wine ingredient for ethanol, after entering the human body the liver is converted into acetaldehyde, it has a direct damage to liver function.can lead to liver cell degeneration, appear even necrosis.this often makes is inherently a hepatitis liver illness, the situation worse, so be careful to drink.

3, turtle

soft-shelled turtle, is generally used to nourishing the body, but for hepatitis b patients, it may not be applicable.because the digestive function of the patients with chronic hepatitis b has been weakened, and the turtles just contains very rich high quality protein, difficult to absorb, can make the food is absorbed by intestines and stomach, symptoms such as abdominal distension, vomiting, nausea,serious when still can cause liver cell necrosis, patients in coma, and so on and so forth.

4, acrid food

if eating spicy, stimulation and other food, will promote the generation of stomach acid, which the body produces too much stomach acid, patients with chronic hepatitis b will appear to let its gastrointestinal mucosa hemorrhage, edema and erosion, etc., as a direct result of the deterioration of the hepatitis b patients.

5, garlic

in the first place, because the garlic will produce certain ingredients, add to the stimulation of intestines and stomach, cause digestive function is blocked, a heavy hepatitis hepatitis b patients will loss of appetite, and have the symptom such as nausea, anorexia.and garlic causes red blood cells and hemoglobin levels are low, can cause anemia and gastrointestinal dysfunction, these are not conducive to the recovery of hepatitis.

6, songhua

preserved egg, preserved egg is often called our daily life.preserved eggs inside elements are rich in protein, but when the protein element decomposition will become a lot of amino acids in the body.and if the amino acid intake in patients with hepatitis b, can cause ammonia poisoning and hepatic coma, in serious cases even have the phenomenon of death.

liver disease patient's diet to pay attention to:

a, liver disease, diet should be light, should eat more fresh vegetables, such as green vegetables, celery, spinach, cucumber, tomato, etc;eat more fruit, such as apples, pears, bananas, grapes, oranges, etc.

2, liver disease, food rich in high grade protein, protein is one of the most important nutrients to sustain human life activity, liver disease, once got better, which should gradually increase the protein intake, and selects the high quality protein and high nutritional value of food, to facilitate the regeneration of liver cells and repair.

three, trace element supplement for liver disease to:liver disease patients often lack zinc, manganese, selenium and other trace elements, some patients also lack of calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals.therefore appropriate supplementary food containing trace elements and minerals, such as kelp, mushroom, sesame seeds, jujube, qizi, etc.

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