want to live a long time: eat less three white eat black!


"three white"refers to the salt, sugar, fat, these three food should eat less.

to eat too much salt can lead to increased blood pressure and hardening of the arteries, also will increase the burden of the kidney.in general, the daily intake of salt with 6 g advisable.sugar is the basis of the essential substances, but excessive intake is associated with hypertension, obesity, liver function damage, etc.

when cook, can use pour soup, dipping sauce thicken or boiled food to eat, the method of the surface spread about the taste of sweet, salty food, can satisfy the oral, without sugar, salt intake too much.

animal fat will aggravate hardening of the arteries and increase the cholesterol, do not eat, but also have to eat.per person per day in cooking oil under the premise of 25 grams, 30 grams, vegetable oil and animal fat than with its advisable.

"three black"refers to the mushrooms, black fungus, black rice.

fight decline mushrooms can prevent cancer, especially with mushroom, effect on cholesterol has dissolved, can fall hematic fat, serum cholesterol, prevent osteoporosis.practice on the first"dark green"mushroom and rape.

black fungus is a natural anticoagulants, blood, invigorate the circulation, the effect of prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease(chd) and atherosclerosis.but the advice to eat only 2 times a week or so.

jet black rice appearance, nutrition is rich, has a"black pearl"and"the king of the world and rice"reputation, especially is suitable for the old man waist acid knee soft, weakness of limbs, so the black rice and"medicine".black rice boiled into scent perfectly sleek, soft waxy of black rice porridge, easy to digest absorb, also has the very good tonic.

the most humble 4 big longevity food

1, pine nuts, clear bowel embellish skin

the pine nuts like pearls, widely used in the traditional imperial cuisine, has long been considered a have nourishing and strong effect.pine nuts rich in fat ingredients, can not only help defecation, can also nourish the skin.

pine nut high heat, sprinkle on food at ordinary times, each time a handful.

2, reduce inflammation and garlic

in the s of no antibiotics, garlic help plays an important role.past march when necessary with garlic salt, salt is used to supplement minerals, garlic were used for sterilization and prevention of disease.recently, garlic lowers cholesterol, has also been found.but raw garlic spicy excitant strong, therefore, gastritis, sore throat, hemorrhoids, eyes red, acne, unfavorable eat raw garlic.

3, chinese cabbage, cough phlegm also cancer

in view of traditional chinese medicine, chinese cabbage can antipyretic fever, cough phlegm.modern scientific discoveries, cabbage nutritional value is high, the variety, all the year round can eat, is one of the most popular anti-cancer star.

4, kelp help defecation not long fat

quantity of heat low and filled with colloid, minerals, seaweed is very suitable for the beauty of modern health food.the biggest advantage is, kelp are low in calories as a late-night snack don't have to worry about get fat, very suitable for women wanting.

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