for dinner this habit stomach trouble sooner or later.this kind of nourishing the stomach food fast collection

stomach trouble is one of common diseases in modern society, guangdong hospital of spleen and stomach diseases sui-ping huang, a professor at the family doctor online interview is said that the cause of stomach trouble is varied, including helicobacter pylori infection, physical factors stimulation, drugs, emotional, physical, etc.and if you eat at ordinary times it is 3 kinds of situation, you will soon join the stomach trouble patient's army.

always have stomach trouble have these three habits meals

1, hunger meals

people when hungry stomach acid concentration is too high, cause digestive mucous membrane of the eat many, the food in the stomach stay a long time will also contribute to gastric lesions.

2, a meal down

without chew food enters the stomach, will aggravate the burden of the stomach, the stomach, long time can cause damage of gastric mucosa.

3, dinner too full too abundance

some irregular schedule due to live, work, formed the morning and afternoon is not good to eat, and at night to eat a big meal in poor eating habits.actually it is very bad for our health, in the evening to eat many, directly affect the person's sleep, and a lot of food after the gastric mucosal stimulation, cause hydrochloric acid in gastric juice secretion increased, which may cause ulcers.

stomach disease prevention and cure, nourishing the stomach to recommend the five kinds of food more

1, millet

millet is a recognized the nourishing the stomach ingredient, it has good spleen and stomach, eating for spleen and stomach is relatively weak people, is the ideal food indigestion, especially suitable for chronic gastroenteritis, chronic gastric ulcer person to eat.

2, yam

yam is spleen from experts, it has the effect of spleen yiqi.another yam contains amylase can speed up the body metabolism of carbohydrates, very suitable for weak spleen and stomach, indigestion, eat.can cook porridge with rice, millet and other food.

3, bai luobo

folk often say, bai luobo increase appetite, help digestion.also useful in ancient medical books"chew"bai luobo method to account for the treatment of dyspepsia.but note that although bai luobo aid digestion, but because of cold, be careful eating taste xu han, had better eat fried with or eating stew.

4, potato

potato the impression of a lot of people is a bad digest food.but it is also a kind of nourishing the stomach.because the potato beneficial gas spleen, adjustable and function of the stomach.for gastric and duodenal ulcer pain and habitual constipation has good effect, can take the potato juice to improve.

5, chestnuts

chestnut with nourishing the stomach, spleen, invigorate the circulation of the bleeding and kidney strong, cough expectorant effect, especially suitable for cold of spleen and kidney in patients with chronic diarrhea caused by edible, particularly suitable for loss of appetite, body emaciated, often diarrhea of children to eat.with boil chestnuts and millet porridge for young and old.

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