low potassium sodium can lead to high blood pressure!so how potassium supplement?!

daily life, we often hear of sodium, potassium those thing~

however, we seldom pay attention to the difference and pay attention to things.

today, elder sister will and you talk about potassium nutrition of those thing~

high potassium low sodium

according to the world health organization(who) issued new guidelines, adults sodium intake should be less than 2000 mg per day, namely salt intake should be less than 5 grams, and potassium intake should be at least 3510 mg.low potassium sodium can lead to high blood pressure, increase the risk of heart disease and stroke.

sodium occurs naturally in a variety of foods, including milk and cream(about 50 mg of sodium) per 100 grams, and eggs(about every 100 grams contains 80 mg of sodium).processed foods higher sodium content, such as:bread(about every 100 grams contains 250 mg of sodium), processed meats such as bacon(about every 100 grams contains 1500 mg of sodium), snacks such as pretzels, cheese puffs and popcorn(about every 100 grams contains 1500 mg of sodium), condiments such as soy sauce(about every 100 grams contains 7000 mg of sodium) and broth and enrichment of solid soup(about every 100 grams contains 20000 mg of sodium).

foods that are rich in potassium, including:beans(approximately every 100 grams of potassium 1300 mg), nuts(approximately every 100 grams of potassium 600 mg), vegetables such as spinach, cabbage and parsley(approximately every 100 grams of potassium 550 mg), and fruit such as bananas, papaya and dates(approximately every 100 grams of potassium 300 mg).processing will reduce the potassium content of many foods.

high potassium foods

there were many foods high in potassium, fresh green and yellow fruits and vegetables, such as fresh jujubes, citrus, persimmon, apricots and kiwi fruit, pears, hippophae rhamnoides, blackcurrant, etc are rich in vitamins and essential trace elements.

k higher food:corn, leek, yellow bean sprouts, lettuce, carp, silver carp, eel, lean pork, mutton, beef, pork loin, red jujube, bananas, etc., k content in each hectogram food between 270~ 500 mg.

high potassium foods:all kinds of beans, tofu skin, lotus seeds, peanuts, mushrooms, seaweed, kelp, pickle and so on, the k content in each hectogram food in more than 1000 mg.the second is the potato, potato, spinach, black, black fungus, bamboo shoots, ham, pork, eel and so on, each hectogram food of k content in more than 500 mg.

because of potassium plays an important role in cancer cancer, diet besides cutting sodium intake, eat more foods containing potassium, will greatly reduce the probability of cancer.is rich in starch and cellulose, potato food should eat more.in general, the intake of fruits and vegetables, it's better to keep from 300 to 500 grams per day or so.in potassium supplement at the same time, those high salt food, such as ham, bacon, salted fish and pickled salty food is definitely should eat less or don't eat.

element, chives, fried mushrooms egg egg rolls

material:chives, right amount, watching right amount, mushroom and right amount, oil amount, salt, egg amount


1, chives, cut into 2 cm long segments, mushroom and cut into wire;

2, put oil in the pan, put the chives and mushrooms and stir-fry until done.you can put a little salt in the final;

after 3, egg(add a pinch of salt) in the non-stick pan with little oil fried thin egg crepe.cool first, slightly cool after cut into 2 cm long filaments;

4, mix egg skin and chives, mushrooms, cool can bag spring rolls.

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