a cold feet in the winter?most comprehensive control strategy to you!

a cold, feel whole body chills, and especially the cold can not stand, this kind of situation, is the traditional chinese medicine called"yang", which is generally known as the"end of the cold"or"cold".hands and feet cold and heart blood vessel has a lot to do.once the function of cardiovascular system problems, can affect the blood running conveyor, hands and feet cold situation.

winter cold feet is how to return a responsibility?

1, peripheral circulation bad

winter cold feet is a normal physiological phenomenon, because can make the temperature decrease vasoconstriction, blood flowing ability is abate, and especially the blood circulation in areas such as the fingers, toes, peripheral nervous due to poor circulation.

under normal circumstances, wear more clothes, eat the food of warm, move more can promote the backflow, alleviate the problem of cold feet.but itself of vascular reflow, weak ability of peripheral circulation, poor people, more difficult in this way make arms and legs.

2, yang deficiency constitution,

most of the hands and feet cold people are due to yang deficiency constitution.if after add warm clothes, hands and feet still feel cold, you should pay attention to whether the chinese medicine said 'manhood' physical fitness."yang"also known as cold, as the name suggests, refers to the sun be the spirit of human body deficiency, spleen and kidney yang deficiency.

sun be the spirit is the soul of life, warm body is one of its important functions.if the sun be the spirit is insufficient, cannot be shipped to peripheral parts of the body such as the trunk, arms and legs will appear the phenomenon such as chills, cold feet.ease cold feet, therefore, an important method, is to regulate the body,"the sun be the spirit".

3, two qi, spleen qi yang weakness, liver within

in addition to yang deficiency, according to the different symptoms, the doctor of traditional chinese medicine thinks cold feet also may be caused by some deficiency syndrome, disease.

, experts say, virtual, two qi, spleen yang depressed and spleen kidney yang deficiency can cause cold feet, and regardless of seasons and mood will appear.real aspect, is likely to lead to blood feeling cold evil deposition and diseases with ease.the former refers to catch cold catch cold, cold limbs, color blue, serious or even feel the pain.which is a common mood swings, depression occur when brothers don't warm, the mood calm after symptoms disappear.

4, menstrual and reproductive hormone changes

in the crowd with hands and feet cold symptoms, women make up the majority.this is the hormone changes affect the nervous system lead to subcutaneous vascular contraction and blood flow decreases, causing han zheng.

5 factors, disease

mental pressure is too big, too sensitive in the heart, worry too much at ordinary times, often upset people and han zheng high-risk groups.

6, wear less

of course, cold feet is not complete because of physique, caused by the disease.many women wanting even in cold winter, still short skirts, shorts from body, wear less, will naturally feel cold.therefore, wear less women appear cold feet, first need to reflect on whether to wear too little!

who are more likely to cold hands and feet?

from the point of view of life habit, do not exercise regularly and picky about food, anorexia, three meals of people more prone to cold hands and feet.

from the physical point of view, less fat, thin, and muscle of the few people easy cold hands and feet.

from the recent social, family and work pressure are also easy to cold hands and feet.

from the perspective of gender, women than men are more prone to cold hands and feet, and thin women more serious cold hands and feet.

the dangers of cold feet!

women if long-term cold feet, less prone to menstruation, menstruation to be not moved, the phenomenon of dysmenorrhea, anemia, and may even infertility or easy to abortion, but also easy to face long brown spots or acne;in the menstrual period, pregnancy, maternity leave and other special physiological period of women, because of fatigue, were more likely to lead to cold feet.if is middle-aged women long-term cold feet, possible loss of libido, menopause in advance.if long time cold feet not regulate, can lead to poor mental state, serious body chills, hands and feet cold for a long time in winter can also cause frostbite.

to cold hands and feet how should recuperate?

1, be sure to keep warm,

the cold winter weather, must pay attention to keep warm, various measures of heat preservation, such as coats, fur hats, gloves, scarves, socks, etc., at the time of the day is cold to wear is complete.but also don't wear clothes that are too tight, otherwise it will affect the circulation of the blood.down jacket more than mink coats to keep warm, wool trousers is more cold than the garment.office to prepare a thick coat, more should pay attention to your feet to keep warm when you sleep, can wear warm cotton socks.

2, soak the foot every day, free oil bath

bubble foot:join around 40 degrees in deep basin of hot water, let the water overflow the ankle.for 20 minutes or so, will feel whole body fever, this shows that after the circulation of the blood flow began to fever.if in the bubble foot rub your feet again at the same time, the effect will be better.before going to bed with hot water bubble, also can promote peripheral blood circulation.

bubble bath:in hot water with ginger, cinnamon, rosemary essential oils or so to be able to let the body warm up.

to take a bath, can use cold water and hot water shower, with a cold one hot blood vessels between the scaling, to achieve the goal of flowing blood.

3, eat ginger tea

try to eat less cold fruit, such as watermelon, lettuce, black fungus, etc.;eat more contain the food with nicotinic acid and b vitamins, can expand peripheral blood vessels;eat more nuts, carrots and other foods warm sex;appropriate to eat spicy food such as pepper, pepper, mustard, etc.

qi and blood stasis of women, taking ginger tea helps to keep blood:cold wash ginger and cut silk, with brown sugar boiled and hot to drink.

4, commuting a brisk walk, do some aerobic exercise more

especially the sedentary office workers, daily exercise too little.in the morning might as well just do sport, to accelerate the blood circulation and metabolism, whole day will be full of vitality, not easy chills.also can choose some light gentle, activity in the winter, such as exercises, hiking, tai chi, etc.feel oneself body exercise some fever, perspire slightly.must not excessive movement, because of the high intensity exercise in sweat too much, is likely to be the sun be the spirit out, have the opposite effect.

5, massage acupoints

the doctor of traditional chinese medicine thinks, afraid of the cold is caused due to the weak yang in.treat the symptoms of cold feet, mainly is to dredge meridian, promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, improve blood circulation and metabolism.if often massage the acupuncture points, will receive a satisfactory curative effect.

1.massage yongquan cave.with right hand rub quickly left foot first, and then use left hand to rub quickly right heart, rub until there are thermal.rub under 100 in the morning and evening, and then rub the toes 100 remaining.traditional chinese medicine thinks, the human body meridians are collected in the foot, and the whole body each viscera, tissues and organs have close relationship.especially to stimulate the yongquan point, be beneficial to kidney strong sun, strong muscle strong bone.often stick to rub the hole must be pushing hands and feet cold symptoms of rehabilitation.

2.with gas at the point(in the thigh root side).the hole bottom have a beating artery, with gas at the first point, according to knead after artery, a loose and continue to rub up and has been at the legs and feet feel hot air dirty.

3.according to knead, flap of shenshu point on both sides(beneficiary).hold in the pat 100 remaining.

4.te 4 holes are dominate the important points of the whole body blood circulation.located at the wrist, the wrist back on horizontal stripes, ahead of the middle finger, ring finger fingers.in addition to the pressure te 4 hole, with laogong hole for the hands and feet cold, also have certain effect.cold feet, toes trying to hook up to the maximum, then stretched straight feet, cycle a few times.

6, diet

winter is the best opportunity to supplements, cold feet should seize the opportunity to appropriate to eat some food, removing such as mutton, etc.can complement vitamin e, more to eat more food containing nicotinic acid and b vitamins, eat more nuts, carrots and other warm sex food, appropriate eat spicy food such as chili, pepper and mustard can promote blood circulation.

if because anemia caused by hand and foot icy cold, can eat edge piece of iron to improve, or eat pork liver, jujube, spinach, black fungus, hawthorn and other warm sex food, and to avoid eating cold food, ice or a cold drink.

winter cold feet dietotherapy party

the doctor of traditional chinese medicine, said winter common herbal supplements for yang deficiency and jingxie deficiency, but for the body state have a"hand","qi depression","yin", ultimately tend to produce reaction were mentioned.tcm proposal, ginger duck cooked in the past, always put a lot of ginger and rice wine, ginger does to the human body"s stomach warm better lung function", but in light of modern people's eating habits, has belongs to the high quantity of heat, high fat, if edible ginger easily lose again, suggest alternative"tender ginger, ginger, make supplements medicinal food soft tone, make body supplements no burden, can achieve same effect.

as for perfect great soup of ginseng, american ginseng can be used to replace, cinnamon can also be replaced cassia twig or fennel, cultivated radix rehmanniae to replace astragalus, atractylodes, radix angelicae sinensis, rhizoma ligustici wallichii medicinal materials can also be reduced, so that can help to reduce the risk of eating were mentioned.

three tender ginger herbal fear cold people savior

【 improved ginger duck 】

efficacy:warm the stomach, jingxie.

material:duck only 1(after unhairing, guts, cutting about 1 kg), 400 g tender ginger, rice wine water 600 cc and 600 cc astragalus, chinese wolfberry, 3 g, 3 g, 3 g angelica sinensis and rhizoma chuanxiong 10 grams, longan meat 6 grams, white sesame 15 grams, 20 grams of radix ophiopogonis.


will duck piece of oil into the pan fry until forced out of the duck.

will cut ginger patted after cracking up, stir together into the pot.

after fully stirring, rice wine in the pan with water, after boiling add chinese traditional medicine together simmer for 30 minutes, dish up.

modified perfect great fill soup 【 】

efficacy:qi double.

material:all kinds of 1 kg of meat, tender ginger 30 grams, water right amount, dangshen 30 grams, main astragalus membranaceus 10 grams, 10 grams of cassia twig or fennel 20 grams, 30 grams of raw radix rehmanniae, fried atractylodes 20 grams, rhizoma ligustici wallichii 15 grams, 15 grams angelica sinensis, radix paeoniae alba 30 grams, 30 grams of poria cocos, liquorice 30 grams.


will be a chinese herbal medicine with gauze bag mouth, and set aside.

the medicinal materials and food into the pot at the same time, add water right amount, scoop up with high heat until boiling froth, gently simmer 1 hour is edible.

the healthy waist green moths tea 】 【

material:walnut meat 20, malaytea scurfpea fruit, wine soaked fried) 240 grams, eucommia bark, ginger fried) 500 grams.


1.at the end of the three drugs research into coarse standby, daily for 30~ 50 g, put in the thermos, with boiling water half bottles.

2.the cover tightness for about 20 points, began to drink, a drink one of these days.

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