as soon as you catch cold catch cold cough is how to return a responsibility?

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"jingyue encyclopedia"said in"six gas is a cough and cold", meaning that the heat and moisture, fire, wind, dry, cold the six gas can make the person produces the symptoms of cough, and wind, cold as the main why have this kind of phenomenon, this is our trachea of an allergic reaction, symptoms of serious people call it the airway hyperresponsiveness.

refers to the airway ahr for a variety of stimulating factor of strong or premature contraction reactions.if the stimulation in normal show no response or reaction to a lesser degree, in some, caused the obvious bronchial stenosis, called the airway hyperresponsiveness.performance is affected by external stimuli will airway contraction causes coughing, wheezing, difficulty breathing.although it is not clear to produce the exact cause of this phenomenon, but is generally believed that airway inflammation is one of the most important mechanisms of airway hyperresponsiveness.when the airway is o thank stimulation, due to a variety of inflammatory cells, inflammatory mediators and cytokines involved in, within the airway epithelium and epithelial nerve damage caused by airway hyperresponsiveness.there are also people who believe that the trachea an cells of endocrine in play an important role in the formation of airway addition, this phenomenon is also related to its inhibition of some nerve function defect.diagnosis of airway hyperresponsiveness is need to go to the hospital inspection, when severe airway hyperresponsiveness to a certain degree, becomes we usually say that asthma, require the system to treat, and we are in the general population in the cold air suction when coughing and mechanism of the above mentioned similar, but we won't particularly obvious symptoms of duration or not too long, and once out of the cold air stimulation or stimulus intensity is abate, we can obviously alleviate the symptoms of.

when the day is cold, especially to blow cold air when we will will cough, throat itching, don't immediately think of oneself are caught a cold, isn't it need to take medicine, this is often temporary, when we enter the warm environment will ease.but when the winter go out or need to pay attention to keep warm, don't really cold cough.

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