expert: more than half of diabetics will suffer from these five kinds of oral disease!

with the development of economy, people's living standard has been improved, but with the data of various diseases is also rising, diabetes is one of them.diabetes is a systemic disease, clinical symptoms are mostly for drinks, polyuria, polyphagia and angular is given priority to, the so-called systemic diseases, that is to say human organs would because its are implicated, oral is no exception.oral diseases sounds small, but its hidden harm is great, serious still can endanger life, so not to be sneezed at.

in general, people will be there are many bacteria in the mouth, but healthy people in the mouth has a defense system, can resist bacteria.and diabetes due to long-term metabolic disorders, the body resistance decreases, sugar environment of saliva in the mouth and make it more bacteria, so the risk of oral disease will increase greatly.

in general, the oral mucosa of diabetic patients with cleft tongue, mucosal hyperemia, white spots and pigmentation the 4 kinds of performance, and for over 2 times of the normal incidence.among them, the most susceptible to oral disease in diabetic patients, mainly includes the following five kinds:

a, dental caries.the study found that people with diabetes significantly reduce the saliva will be the ordinary people, in their mouth clean effect will be weakened with the weight of the illness, due to the increase in diabetes patients saliva acid, more accelerated the formation of dental caries is a bacterial disease, its secondary infection can form lesions, serious causes the human suffering from arthritis, heart periostitis, a variety of other disease all over the body such as the eye.

2, oral cavity fungal infection.normally, the average risk of developing oral fungal infection was 8%, and the prevalence of diabetes reached 16%, 2 times that of normal people.secondly, oral cavity fungal infection is common in patients with diabetes characterized by white film, erythema, deficiency, etc., for candida infection.

3 and periodontitis.studies have shown that people with diabetes risk of severe periodontitis is 8.5 times higher than the average person, and the risk of missing teeth will be 2 times higher.the most obvious symptom of periodontitis is bleeding gums, in the long run, if not active treatment, ten years or so teeth will drop in diabetic patients, affecting both beautiful and affect the quality of life.

4, erosive compressed moss.this disease mainly show the mesh of the oral mucosa aedes, redness, heavier will also feel pain due to mucosal is second only to recurrent oral ulcer, but the difference is that it won't heal, even has the potential to become cancerous.

5, maxillofacial soft tissue infection.this is because the bacterial infection caused by a local cellulitis, characterized by redness, swelling, pain, heat, still can cause a addition, the urgent onset of the maxillofacial soft tissue infection, inflammation expand rapidly, treatment is not timely and even can cause death, so it is important to pay special attention to.

yes, it's hard to think of diabetes and oral diseases should have so much contact, but according to the research show that the most likely to develop diabetes patients of oral show that at least 56% of the people in diabetic patients suffer from oral diseases, and the existing oral diseases are more difficult to control in diabetic patients, were also more likely to break out repeatedly.diabetes patients are susceptible to the cause of the oral diseases and the rise of blood sugar, blood sugar rise will make human body sugar increased saliva, thus growing momentum of bacteria in the mouth.

meanwhile, oral inflammation, blood sugar rise rapidly, and it is difficult to control, this will inevitably intensify a word, oral health and diabetes is influence each other, if do not take treatment of oral diseases, can accentuate instead of diabetes.

as a result, people with diabetes must pay attention to oral health, found that the problem to treatment in time to check, do not despise, in case of causing serious consequences.

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