the elderly this position can increase the risk of sudden death!maybe you are doing


the quickening pace of modern society life, night sleep less and less, sometimes very not easy asleep, sleep quality is very bad, so many people are stressed the importance of sleep, do a dream at night nightmares, close to a certain extent, and sleep posture.

always hear others to recommend such as method of sleep, in fact as long as sleep position right, sleep quality will be improved.sometimes hear people persuade father old mother said don't lie on your back as far as possible in the home, for the old man sleeping position is very important, even the old people's health and life everyday life, perhaps a lot of people don't care about the old man's sleep posture, so many old people are lie back to sleep, but lie on your back is very dangerous, where specific hazards, the following will explain to you carefully.

once the elderly, the function of body organs will slowly degenerate, so the old people often get sick, body, body cold, weak, physical condition makes old people become a kind of special groups, has become the key protection object.rice should be cooked too soft rotten, food should be light digestible, sleep environment should be quiet, and so on.

the reason why the old man to pay attention to sleep posture, because lie on your back to sleep after your tongue and throat of the soft tissue is very easy to loose, coupled with the old body function degradation rapidly, the brain to the body all aspects of the regulation and control ability is relatively poor, in this case, it is easy to block the airway, due to a lack of oxygen asphyxiation.

this time the body is a bit poor old people can't even aware of the danger already happened, once the time is too long, the old people's life safety is threatened.not only that, the long-term hypoxia can make the endothelial cells of the arterial wall permeability increased, hemal wall lining of lipid deposition, lead to formation of atherosclerosis, increase the incidence of hypertension, coronary heart disease.

people sleeping position varied, it is hard to agree, people in the process of sleeping posture is not fixed, just sleep can keep a posture, but it soon began to turn.studies have shown that, right side is one of the most conducive to sleep posture, it is conducive to easing the burden on the heart and liver blood flow, is advantageous to the food in the stomach and intestinal digestion, still can prevent position after falling prone to tongue snoring and affect breathing, reduce the blood oxygen, people claim right side, but time side must pay attention to the natural bending the legs, pillow shoulds not be too low.

the attention, when you go to sleep it is best to choose right side, lie prone to danger, in order to stay healthy, rather than its have not trusted their letter.

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