a tooth nerve really so scary?anesthesia could not suppress the pain?


there is a saying in called"toothache is not a disease, pain up really killing me".may 9 of 10 personal experience to the pain, because the incidence of dental caries really is too high.this disease is the most easy to waste, but also treatment up is very painful, very time consuming.kill nerve pain speak a lot of people, so a tooth nerve really so scary?

everyone has 28~ 32 teeth, dental caries occurs easily to the milk teeth grinding and permanent molar, secondly is a pair of fangs.because the socket of tooth groove is more, easy to residual food residue, clean up the bad.long-term will make teeth on the tooth local acidity increased, leading to tooth demineralization, there will be some along the ditch the distribution of the black line.

when the tooth is bad, want to"kill", many people know why want to kill nerve?actually what we call the tooth nerve is dental pulp, because caries disease invasion to the dental pulp, pulp by bacteria infection, damaged and cannot be repaired, so will the dental pulp tissue was removed.

there are three people's teeth root, there were 3 root pulp inside.pulp in the distribution of blood vessels, nerves, provide the nutrients for teeth.when the pulp was bacterial infection after inflammation, was to be pulled out.when general treatment, because of dozen anesthetic, patients can not feel pain, but also can have slight pain, indescribable feeling.and some people root is not straight, long slanting, anesthetic can't reach the root, smoked nerve is very ache!

smoking nerve is to use a spiral medical appliance to root, twitch, up and down to conceal and then pull out the tooth nerve.when the pulp inflammation, may be painful.

a lot of people even the child's parents do not take the dental caries.most people think that children will right or off again is not late.is the most common clinical parents thought that drop tooth is not right.this tooth is the age of six teeth, is the first long teeth.because the tooth will not change, so many people missed the best period of treatment, which can lead to tooth broken step by step, even left a big hole.

the kid have because of a sore tooth caries and use only one side of chewing.such easy to cause facial asymmetry of muscle development, serious and even malformations.

a lot of people complain of the tooth is too trouble, again and again to fix.it also became the obstacles to the tooth of a stumbling block.but the tooth is very complicated.step by step, need many steps, especially to kill nerve after filling of root canal treatment.

kill nerve is not all of them.after the nerve to possess, teeth not nutrition sources, will lose the ability of regeneration and repair, and defense, became a"dead teeth".the tooth will become black, brittle, if block absolutely hard food will perish.therefore, also need to use after remoal of nerve root tube will fill the empty root, then teeth grinding smooth, combined with the dental crowns, to protect the inside of the teeth.

some nerve not clean enough, despite the root canal filling, tooth still hurts.at this time also need to remove the root canal, thoroughly remove tooth nerve.many informal clinic gang often left behind after the tooth the tooth pain problem, also need to repair.not only to endure pain, patients are suffering.so, the tooth must to normal hospital, clinic, must not covet is cheap, simple!

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