age is a life and death camp do this three against three ring body are sexy!


people have mood for love, life, is generally believed that 45 to 59, is the golden period of life.ancient cloud:"bound together".so this is the golden period, is also a high-risk period of life, healthy we all know, in this stage, 45 to 59, all the parts of the human body function began to degenerate, it offered opportunities for diseases.

many middle-aged people just because not survive the crisis and died, this is the end of everyone don't want, in this period, people how to weather the crisis?in fact, to be"three prevention"and"three ring".

45 to 59 years old to do this"three anti"

1, prevent fat

paunchy is a mirror of this stage most of the people, the middle-aged spread has been a result is supposed to be a symbol of good fact, obesity is bad for health not only, also closely associated with a variety of the body gradually decline in this stage, the risk for the obesity is undoubtedly exacerbated.therefore,"three prevention"is one of the fat.

2, prevent blood pressure

what are the dangers of hypertension, believe everyone understand.people in this stage due to various social parties and the influence of working pressure, easy to appear the phenomenon such as overeating and insomnia, high blood pressure is normal.high blood pressure, a lot of chronic diseases will follow.therefore,"three prevention"is another prevent high blood pressure.

3, prevent chronic diseases aggravate

because of the influence of the bad living habits, many middle-aged people are suffering from varying degrees of chronic diseases.chronic disease itself is not terrible, terrible is a chronic disease caused by a variety of complications.if a high-risk period in life before, this one age paragraph the crowd has been suffering from chronic diseases, need to pay attention to control the condition.therefore, prevent chronic diseases increase is the third.

45 to 59 years old to do this"three ring"

first, smoking

what are smoking harm, will not go into simple terms, smokers are more likely to suffer from liver cancer.high-risk period in the life, body function is deteriorated, metabolism is not so fast, if not to give up smoking, it will only bring more harm to health.and studies have shown that 40 began to quit smoking can live for 9 years.recommended during this time, as far as possible to quit smoking.

second, drinking

45 to 59 years old is the golden period, then dinner party must be the social parties, cigarette and wine is not absent.many people are often not touch cigarettes, hard-drinking, big countries, especially in china, the table culture vomiting-inducing toasts are extremely may think that drink nothing, but in fact, during this period as the degradation of body function, liver metabolism ability is abate, would result in grave damage to the liver if you drink too much.therefore, it is advisable to recommend dinner party to drink, must not drink to drunk.

third, quit anger

anger is particularly bad for health.middle-aged and came to a high risk period of life, because of work and life pressure, emotional fluctuations, anger is hard to avoid.research has shown that when the person is angry, blood pressure rises, easily induced hypertension disease.therefore, we suggest that you stop the must first calm, as far as possible to control your emotions.

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