hand appear this kind of change is a serious illness coming signal.early know can help

disease should be early detection treated early, but a lot of disease in the early stages is difficult to find.so you also need to master certain health knowledge, to identify the signal of the disease.major disease is a systemic disease, tend to showed signs in his body.clinically, there are five kinds of palm disease performance has been verified.

edge of the palm red

due to liver disease caused by hormonal balance changes cause dilated vessels in the skin, the skin color will be red, red parts often occur at the edge of the palm, near the little finger.after pressure become pale, long time cannot restore, the palm is known as the liver, is characteristic of liver disease.

palm appears small black

according to tcm theory, corresponding to different parts of the body at different positions of the palm, dark spots appeared in the palm of your hand have disease signal hint at different positions of the corresponding area.this is because the blood circulation problems.

a lot of disease, can let a person blood circulation problems such as anemia, high blood pressure, cervical vertebra disease, gastrointestinal disease.may as well go to a hospital checking as soon as possible.

nails slant blue

healthy nails is pink, shiny.if the nails and finger appear blue and purple, it may be heart problems.because of oxygen in the blood, so present slant blue nails and finger.

nail and lip color can reflect whether a lack of oxygen in the blood.nails for healthy, pink blue purple suggests that oxygen in the blood or heart failure.

the palms up coarse

general tools, the palm of your hand will be more coarse.if there is no life, the palm is raised, coarse, that is massive hemorrhage.

finger swelling

when lymph(its function is to carry waste discharge, bacteria and viruses) in the body is unable to fully discharge, the limbs swelling disease occurs.

in addition, usually because of the cold weather or stress raynaud's disease caused by narrowed arteries can cause swelling.

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