the spleen and stomach is bad to drink of the yiqi soup taste bad so to regulate

spleen and stomach is bad by herbal can improve the spleen and stomach is bad people can drink supplement qi, it can effectively improve taste xu han, and can improve the body's immune function, can promote the normal operation of the spleen and stomach function, but also regulate the function of spleen and stomach, chinese medicine spleen and stomach, cold effect is better, the side effects of traditional chinese medicine(tcm) is small, spleen and stomach is not good to drink in yiqi decoction.

the doctor of traditional chinese medicine thinks, the material basis of the gas is to maintain human life activities.judge a person's life and death, the old often touch the mouth there is no gas, have spirit is born, airless is dead, so have the people alive is a relief.there are two main gas source, a fresh air is inhaled from the natural world by the lung, the other is metaplasia of the spleen and stomach are subtle and discharge of the water.medical scientist in ming dynasty, li shizhen think human spirit depends on the breeding of spleen and stomach, spleen and stomach function is normal, can nourish and enrich human feet, the body will be healthy.therefore, the ancients have"internal injuries taste, born all ills by", that is, a person if the spleen and stomach is bad, sun be the spirit will be insufficient, also follows various diseases.

song period famous medical scientist li dongheng is"putty pie"(five lines of"stomach"corresponding"soil"), he"a person with taste in this"principle, combined with the people at that time due to the irregular of diet, daily life from time to time, cold temperature displaced as a result of stomach qi deficient, creating the representative prescription of regulate spleen and stomach-fill in yiqi decoction.of the formulas are as follows:

[composition] astragalus 1.5 grams(critically ill can add to 3 grams), main licorice 1.5 grams, ginseng(reed) 0.9 grams, angelica body(the baked or dry) 0.3 grams, orange peel 0.6~ 0.9 g, cohosh(not white) 0.6~ 0.9 g, radix bupleuri 0.6~ 0.9 g and 0.9 g atractylodes.

[usage] prescription chopped, 300 ml water, till 150 ml, go to the chamber, on an empty stomach is a bit hot.

【 function 】 fill in yiqi, yangju got stuck.

spleen deficiency of attending 】 【, less gas lazy words, limb weakness, drowsiness, eat less food is boring, not fatigue resistance, dynamic, shortness of breath;or lower-jiao, high and out of gas, and hot and tired, thirsty and hot drinks, its headquarters of arteries and veins, according to the weakness, the skin is not as cold, and fever have a headache;or deficiency of subsidence, long xie rectocele.

the astragalus fill in yiqi, sun microsystems solid table for you;ginseng, atractylodes, radix glycyrrhizae ganwenyi gas, benefit spleen and stomach as the princes;dried tangerine or orange peel regulate qi activity, angelica blood tonic and camp for;cohosh, radix bupleuri, synergy and stilbene lifting qingyang to make.integrated the whole party, an invigorating qi spleen, make the day after tomorrow biochemical active, spleen qi deficiency can heal the disease;a liter gas, restoring the function of the upper hoist, make the next hang off, since after its.

in addition, fill in yiqi decoction to adapt to the indications of spleen and stomach qi deficiency, qi deficiency in spleen and stomach and cause all kinds of problems, all can apply, usually one to add and subtract.the power of drug use, also can increase accordingly.general dosage is:astragalus, codonopsis, each 9 g atractylodes, angelica, cimicifuga foetida, radix bupleuri, 5 grams of dried tangerine or orange peel, main licorice 3 grams, add 2 slices ginger, jujube 5 pieces, or pills, slowly figure.

spleen and stomach bad to can fill in yiqi soup, taste is bad by medicinal food can effectively regulate, also can undertake recuperating by taking chinese medicine, chinese medicine is less side effects, and helps to regulate spleen and stomach, help to the health of the spleen and stomach, spleen and stomach is bad, by drinking yiqi decoction can effectively improve the filling.

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