oral simplified aids treatment once a week a new drug delivery system can help the prevention and treatment of hiv infection

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science and technology journal reporter zhang mengran

8, according to the journal nature communications, according to a virology study published human immunodeficiency virus(hiv) infection can be a long-term drug delivery system of prevention and treatment.this is a newly developed oral medications, use once a week, experiments in pigs showed that it has the potential to help patients' adherence to treatment, thereby reducing treatment failure and the emergence of resistant viruses.

aids is still no cure and prevention of disease, known as hiv, the infection and kill the immune system cells, including t cells and macrophages.at present, the treatment for hiv rely on daily medication, and the lack of medication adherence, serious impact on the efficiency of hiv prevention and control.

researchers at brigham and women's hospital in the united states giovanni trapattoni, cable and his colleagues developed weekly oral drug delivery system, the antiretroviral drugs can be incorporated into a agent.the modular dosing system can fold and unfold, support the oral, and can be long reside within the gastrointestinal tract.the system is currently the most can carry six different drug formulations.

the team by the experimental results show that it had developed the"pill"can slow release of three kinds of antiretroviral drugs, and can maintain a high enough drug concentration within a week.mathematical model also suggests that this therapy is expected to significantly reduce the treatment failure, and by increasing the effectiveness of the preventive treatment before hiv exposure, to prevent the occurrence of new cases of hiv in high-risk groups.

the researchers also point out that although the current have pig experimental results is quite good, but still need to conduct further research, because the pig model does not support the hiv infection-although in physiology characteristic, organ formation, disease, and people have a high similarity, and chromosome structure in genome sequence has high homologous, but the pig can't become infected with hiv, and for the treatment, follow-up still need more experiments to verify the safety and effectiveness.

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