urine is yellow smell great body warn you here out of the question!

yellow urine smell in a lot of people who are more common,

the cause of urine yellow smell and personal drink less,

', etc.has a lot to do.

but note that if the yellow urine odor is very serious,

so be careful of the prevention and treatment of severe inflammation of the body.

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urine yellow smell is how to return a responsibility?1 prostatitis

prostatitis commonly in frequency, urgency, urine pain, swelling, tingling and urethral opening such as purulent secretion, can appear some diseases urine smell;the genitals appear maculopapule, small pox, one or more of the ulcer of skin mucous membrane, and so on and so forth.2 cystitis

the diagnosis of acute cystitis, besides according to the history and physical signs, need for a middle urine test.with pus cells and red blood cells in urine, urine yellow.

3 urethritis

some urethritis is urine yellow phenomenon for a long time, so you should attach importance to it.encounter this kind of case should be checked to the hospital.

4 liver disease

when liver lesions, urine often become strong tea color.because the kidneys cannot decompose the bilirubin and so on, will cause yellow urine urine in vitro, and a longer duration.

hepatitis early, there is no jaundice, we often can see the yellow smell of urine, this is often a signal of hepatitis.

5 '

yellow urine smell may be too hot to eat, were mentioned.this situation is not serious, drink some cool tea drop decrease internal heat.

6 drink less

how many colors of urine can also be used as drinking water and make the urine has deep there is light.drink water more, urine, urine urine pigment the proportion of small, color is pale.

to drink water, less urine urine pigment proportion is large, the color is yellow.but if accompanied by physical discomfort, or after water adjustment is still not much ease, requires attention.should be checked to normal hospital treatment as early as possible, to ensure their physical and mental health.

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