when drink brown sugar shuibaojian brown sugar can invigorate the circulation of air compensating effect best?

for most girls, brown sugar is the sort of winter, is derived from sugar cane after extracting and brown sugar, can into the category of raw sugar, it is not only a rich sugar, moreover, there are some quite a lot of vitamins and trace elements.in addition, it also includes malic acid, riboflavin and the development to the human body essential things.

so, for the human body is what nutrition value?what are the benefits?

1, protect the skin:for some new mother, brown sugar is to restore the skin's holy, it not only supplement the skin nutrition, and can also promote the cell regeneration.

2, wind cold:brown sugar qi and nourishing the stomach to the human body has a big role in particular, some treasure mother most would choose brown sugar to restore their health, not only so, brown sugar with functions of cold.

3, invigorate the circulation of air compensating:some lack of qi and blood are long-term drink brown sugar water can be selected for tonifying qi and activating blood.

4, promote metabolism, brown sugar on the metabolism of human body, have a good effect.

so, when to drink brown sugar water is the best?it is need according to individual constitution is different, thus to make a different treatment.

a, body cold dysmenorrhea

for some special periods of pain, a week in advance to drink brown sugar water is a good way to drink brown sugar water to warm uterus, and pay attention to during menstruation not to excessive movement, more rest, more can't go to wash the cold bath heat preservation work is particularly important at this time, once ready, you can make better menstrual blood from the womb, can reduce the pain.

2, after the pain

people sometimes forget to drink brown sugar water, in the week before actually it does not matter, when menstruation comes drink brown sugar water, the effect will be better.

in addition, even if drink brown sugar water also has several matters needing attention are as follows:

1, some treasure mom in recovering period often drink some brown sugar water to blood and tonifying qi, but note that the brown sugar water in moderation, cannot drink more, and to grasp the good time, otherwise it will cause some bad consequences, such as make lochia, also may lead to uncontrolled hemorrhagic anemia, thus backfire, damage to the uterus.so some treasure mom want to drink brown sugar water, it is best to ten days or so.

2, in the summer, try not to drink brown sugar water, because of brown sugar is temperature, easily lose our drink in summer.it is best to eat in the winter, for some people who have stomach trouble, they tend to spit acid water, so it is best not to drink, more easy to aggravate the stomach injury.

3, must go to brush my teeth after drink brown sugar water, brown sugar, after all, contains a lot of sugar, but a long-term legacy on the gum, prone to tooth decay.

4, brown sugar can't drink, nor eat more.but drink many easy to cause hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, serious cause stomach pain.

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