- year - old woman chest pain to endure two hours of emergency rescue three sons who denounced let you save!


a 58-year-old liu laotai at the bus station waiting for the bus, sudden, severe chest pain kind stranger for its call 120 for help.

when the ambulance to the old man to the hospital emergency department, through the doctor's examination, discovered liu laotai suffering from acute myocardial infarction, which is an acute myocardial ischemic and necrotic disease, mostly on the basis of coronary artery disease, coronary arterial blood for sharply reduced or even interrupt occurs, the occurrence of serious and persistent corresponding myocardial acute ischemia.

it is well known that acute myocardial infarction is a very serious disease, if handled not in time, patients may have dangerous life at any time, but, on one side is becoming urgent, on the other side, liu laotai families haven't contacted.

but don't wait, once the diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction, need as soon as possible in 90 minutes of percutaneous coronary intervention, pci for short, of course, the sooner the better the results, because as time goes on, every seconds delay for patients who are in danger of a second.

so the doctor decided, on the one hand, continue to families in a row, on the one hand to the old man quickly into intervention center.

fortunately, interventional surgery through the emergency department, two hours later, the old man temporarily turned the corner, she was arranged to live in cardiology, intensive care unit, further under observation and treatment.

at this point, the old man's family also finally, the three sons were rushed to the hospital.

just, let all people never thought is, to the hospital, three sons lashes out at first, and asked the doctor, the old body has been very good at ordinary times, how suddenly has been admitted to the hospital?

the doctor put the before and after the story truthfully inform, and said, coronary angiography showed that the elderly have coronary artery stenosis at ordinary times, this time, is acute complete blockage occurred, but pci postoperative, angiography showed vascular smooth again, myocardial infarction should be gradually restored.

it is said that a human life than building seven pagoda, liu laotai after being taken to hospital, didn't pay a cent, with the help of the doctor, get effective treatment, turning the corner, this is a happy thing, but the patient's three sons said next, really make people angry, they blame the doctor, who told you to save her, with so much money, we refuse to pay!

this said doctors suspect that life, save lives, is there any wrong?

the three sons of patients with aggressive and watched seems to add up the violence, thanks to another doctor genial smile that called the hospital security room and 110 for help, after the police came, in the face of all criticism, the three sons self-knowledge indefensible, had the opportunity to have left, i thought it would come to an end.

a week later, the bed liu laotai have been able to, but still unfunded hospitalization, the old man regrets ground say, their three sons to her simply ignored, although wealthy but are reluctant to raise her, all say keep son can take it...

so bitterness,"the old man said, and he said to the doctor, you saved my life, is the saucepans, i won't be free.

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