women emergency contraception seven advice

emergency contraception, which is a way of emergency, is in the case of without any protection relationship with another party and some measures taken afterwards.today is to introduce the women should pay attention to when emergency contraception, please look carefully.

1 how long the side effects of birth control pills

some women after taking birth control pills can appear giddy, disgusting, menstrual disorders, and poor skin side effects, and the duration of the birth control pills side effects vary from person to person, in general, conventional birth control pills, such as long-acting contraception, short-acting contraceptives side effect sustainable 2-3 cycles, emergency contraception can lead to three months of menstrual disorders.

the side effects of conventional pill was lower than those of emergency contraception, but taking too much or unreasonable use words also can seriously affect the women's health, some women side effects after taking the duration is long, even appeared the serious consequences of infertility.

emergency contraception shouldn't take more than three times a year, in addition to easy to cause the common side effects, drug can also be intestines and stomach discomfort, headache, breast tenderness, weight gain, nervous tension and emotional low side effects.some side effects can be in 24 hours after disappeared, but there are some side effects will last for three months, or even affect fertility.when taking emergency contraception so to take by the regulation, if the side effects lasted too long, but below the doctor's advice to take progesterone hormone drugs or injections of progesterone hormones to ease.

2 women emergency contraception seven advice

1.emergency contraception is just a way of emergency, is not a regular contraception.should correctly choose suits own method, and should not be expected to use emergency contraception.

2.emergency contraception in under the guidance of doctors.emergency contraception drugs should be taken within 72 hours after sexual life, high failure rate of more than 72 hours.

3.the efficient of emergency contraception is markedly lower than the conventional method, but due to the high dosage(an emergency contraception generally equivalent to 8 days of conventional short-acting oral contraceptives medication), side effects are significantly higher than normal birth control pills, such as change the menstrual cycle.

4.excessive and frequent use of emergency contraception may bring damage to the body.repeatedly taking emergency contraception, can cause menstrual disorders, bleeding, bleeding or a little longer, to inconvenience living and working women.

5.drug emergency contraception can only work on the unprotected sex, sex life after the cycle is still other reliable contraceptive measures should be taken.if you do not pay attention to, drugs might be pregnant that month.

6.can only be used in a menstrual cycle emergency contraception, the second will be invalid.

7.emergency contraception failed pregnancies, high incidence of birth defects, need to terminate pregnancy.

3 eat birth control pills affect menstruation?

the mechanism of action of birth control pills is:(1) inhibition of ovulation;(2) make the cervical mucus quantity is little and viscosity increase, does not favor the sperm through;(3) make the endometrial glands proliferation is restrained, glandular dysplasia is not suitable for yunkun implantation, etc.

the pill can affect the menstrual period, under normal circumstances, after eating the pill, a week or so, there will be a small amount of vaginal bleeding.and reconstruction during the menstrual cycle.

in strict accordance with the instructions to use birth control pills, generally has no effect on the human body, but in large doses, if long-term or may make it irregular menstrual cycle, not recommended long-term or a large number of emergency contraception.in addition, a small number of people are more sensitive to drugs, may have the phenomenon of vaginal bleeding after birth control pills, but will not appear this kind of phenomenon, every time actually don't have to worry about, this belongs to the period between the bleeding, is a sign of drugs play a role, it is normal situation.but if only taking a short-acting contraceptives, often than everyday menstrual quantity decreases, but this is normal phenomenon, generally can be back to normal after drug withdrawal.

this kind of circumstance have little impact to health of body, is often temporary.if three consecutive months of amenorrhea, medication should be suspended, other contraceptive measures, such as menstrual medicine back to continue.1 months after drug withdrawal is still not come menstruation, doctors should according to the inspection situation, adopt megestrol, compound progesterone or push the pieces and drug, then should be to switch to other birth control pills.

treatment of menstrual disorder caused by the birth control pills

treatment of menstrual disorder caused by birth control pills and appropriate use of imitation artificial cycle treatment and stimulate ovulation drugs, such as clomiphene, luteinizing hormone releasing hormone, or treated with chinese herbal medicine.very few women in lactation amenorrhoea to the merger, should rule out the possibility of micro pituitary adenoma;appear a small amount of irregular bleeding while taking the drugs, the main reason is lack of estrogen dose, the balance of hormone imbalance and cannot maintain the endometrium growth, has also caused by leakage treatment.

4 early intrauterine device will appear as the side effects of birth control pills

1, abdominal pain,

show the alvine ache is paroxysmal, lumbar acid and irregular vaginal bleeding.

the abdominal pain as the ring down to the cervical mouth, more cause spasmodic contraction of the uterus.processing method is for ring, and the other for uterine size of ring, such as the persistent inflammation causing more pain, broad-spectrum antibiotic therapy can work.

2, menstrual extension

normal menstrual period 3~ 7 days.this kind of patients more than 7 days, even for more than 10 days.initially by hp more than a few days, and then a little not net, some continue to reddish white.history of contraceptive ring in 6~ 10 more years, and can be associated with lumbar acid.department of gynaecology, uterus longitude tenderness, serious attachment thickening, tenderness.

the reason of menstrual extension, how to put a ring too long, excessive fatigue, cause endometritis and blood coagulation dysfunction caused by.at this point if drug treatment is invalid, reveal a coil, curettage, anti-inflammatory therapy, recovered after 3 months again ring.

3, fever

periodic fever, in menstrual period, can be as high as 39 degrees celsius, with the lower abdomen pain and pus.also some the persistent low heat.

u-shaped ring generally place time is 4~ 5 years, after many days, it is easy to cause pelvic connective tissue inflammation.menstrual pelvic congestion, endometrial peeling off, leaving the wound that chronic inflammation induced by acute episodes, and high fever.

4, leucorrhea increase

if ann is with tail wire ring, likely because of tail yarn long-term contact and friction of the cervix membrane stimulation, causes the cervix secretion increased obviously, namely leucorrhoea grow in quantity.similarly, no tail wire ring can also be used as a foreign body, stimulate the endometrium, cause secretions increase.after a period of time, endometrial tissue completely after adaptation, leucorrhea reduced naturally.if their shortly after, leucorrhea increased apparently not only, and appear yellow purulent leucorrhea, accompanied by the whole body fever, abdominal pain, such as not timely, may have been infection occurs, requires immediate medical attention.

intrauterine device is safe and effective contraceptive methods, our country has more than 40% of the women choose placed intrauterine device, no harm to the body, it is only within the first few discomfort would happen.in order to reduce the loop body is unwell, please be sure to choose the country formal medical institutions.

5 stealth condoms can prevent venereal?

stealth condom unique double shielding contraception, on the one hand, filled with bubbles and the opening of the cervix, vagina form a physical barrier, preventing the sperm into the uterus;on the other hand the surfactant rh4 dissolved sperm quality, and the lipid membrane and make sperm deactivation, so as to realize effective contraception.

this product has obvious advantages.first of all, it is fast and efficient damage, the surface tension of the sperm to kill sperm and a variety of sexually transmitted disease virus;quick kill sperm and a variety of viruses, has a good effect of birth control and prevention of infection.second, filled with foam and the opening of the cervix, vagina greatly reduced sperm activity, further to prevent the combination of sperm and eggs;third, the bubble in the vaginal wall to form a layer of protective film, effectively prevent virus may invasion;at the same time, the bubble also has lubricating effect, can reduce the risk of infection.soft and fine foam, to vagina and skin no stimulation, no don't feel its existence, the body also do not have what influence.in addition, the bubble in the vaginal wall to form a layer of protective film, not only to prevent injury, also enhance the lubrication, increase interest.

to use:shake before sex will be up and down shocks of tank contact condoms;guide rod small end inserted into the tank top nozzle holes, inverted tanks, will guide rod big-end slowly inserted into the depths of the vaginal cavity, guide rod inserted into the vagina with 6 to 8 centimeters advisable, press the nozzle with your index finger until bubbles overflowing with vagina,(is limited to just overflow the vaginal opening), and then slowly guide rod.guide to use water after cleaning, can be used multiple times;one time before sex, namely the spray can sex, use again within 60 minutes.

advised women in daily life for the sake of his health, attention to take protective measures during sex, it is a special case, also want to notice, to go to normal hospital or pharmacy take birth control pills, not more than 24 hours.

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