ginger and bubble man it together the more you have, the more beautiful the more you have, the more strong woman know now is not late

ginger is used in the kitchen condiment is very common and important one.ginger can not only give food to taste, and is of great benefit to health.actually often eat ginger can anti-aging, women eat to the body to a big cleaning, men ate more strong, because in the ginger gingerol after entering the body, can produce a kind of antioxidant enzymes, it has very strong ability against oxygen free radicals, much stronger than vitamin e.

1, in the morning to eat ginger, yang

in the morning to eat ginger and better the effect of the health care keeping in good health.why is the most held by the sun be the spirit of good dispersing pertains, ginger.summer morning the meridian of yangming is qi lingers, at this time to eat ginger, just the germinal stomach gas, promote digest.and jiang xinwen, can accelerate blood flow, a refreshing effect.

2, ginger honey, ginger is the product of yang, since ancient times known as the language of"man is one hundred days without ginger".the effect of ginger itself has an aphrodisiac, eat together with honey, can supplement the sun be the spirit, ginger, lukewarm, single to eat ginger, may cause symptoms of hot, add honey, can harmonize the body heat, delay aging, improve the ability of the male prostate.

3, brown sugar and ginger tea, the use of ginger spicy, can let the body heat production, and increase metabolism, consumption of heat inside body.and ginger can diuretic laxative, black tea is fermented tea, can warm the body.women in the special period is"a good drink a lot of women like when forthcoming month classics to drink brown sugar water, must remember to buy the old brown sugar.

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