university student ovarian corpus luteum rupture emergency surgery doctors say three hours are boyfriend hurt!


the stomach bad...a young girl who accompanied by her boyfriend walked into the emergency room.

she looked pale and frowned, acute pain, let her on the forehead seepage of sweat.

visits and after examination, the doctor in the heart thumped, it won' ectopic pregnancy?

about an hour ago, a 19-year-old girl also because of severe abdominal pain to see a doctor, she said to the doctor again and again, certainly not pregnant, but the final result shows that the fallopian tube pregnancy, is now close to hospital for emergency surgery.

it has been proved that a doctor, must not be too easily believe that patients with critical moment, still need to calm and analysis.

for young women abdominal pain, whether she is pain or slight pain, do the doctor, the first thing to eliminate ectopic pregnancy.

because of ectopic pregnancy is a critical disease of obstetrics and gynecology, if you don't timely detection and treatment, the patient may be in a very short period of time in life, in fact, this is by no means alarmist.

determine whether for ectopic pregnancy, need some tests.

so, this is called xiaoyan 22 year old college student, she really suffer from an ectopic pregnancy?

when to improve the results of the tests, for doctors, often from one village, but the killer disease and often horrific, in fact, gynecology and obstetrics emergency is absolutely terrifying.

check though ruled out an ectopic pregnancy, but prompt is another kind of serious disease.

acute ruptured corpus luteum.

when it comes to the diagnosis, many people will feel strange, so, we need first to popular science of ovarian corpus luteum.

ovarian corpus luteum(corpus luteum) for after ovulation by gland follicle rapidly into a rich vascular structure, because the yellow when fresh, so also is called the corpus luteum, and corpus luteum rupture is one of common acute abdominal disease of department of gynaecology, good hair at 14-30 years old of young women, corpus luteum rupture the harm to people because of the person different, clinical symptoms and also have very big difference.some may only sudden but very slightly on one side of the lower abdomen pain, rupture of corpus luteum capillaries within the self healing, the flow of a small amount of blood is also self absorption, leave no sequelae.others may be severe abdominal pain, unbearable for secondary blood vessels within the corpus luteum rupture, blood flow to the abdominal cavity, cause persistent abdominal pain, serious hemorrhagic shock, and can therefore occur is sweating, dizziness, headache, drop in blood pressure, cold limbs, etc., such as the treatment is not timely and can be life threatening.

when it comes to this, many people would have such a question, why is a high incidence of corpus luteum rupture in 14-30 years old of young women, why it is let people refrain of youth killer?

the study found that the cause of the corpus luteum rupture factors mainly have two aspects, one is automatic break, 2 it is broken under the action of external force.

the former usually occur during vascular luteinizing, function is not complete, so easy happening within the corpus luteum capillary hemorrhage, resulting in corpus luteum rupture.the latter mainly hit to the lower abdomen, and intense jumping, running, coughing or solution shit, intra-abdominal pressure lifts suddenly, can make mature corpus luteum addition, the female reproductive system expansion and congestion and corpus luteum internal tension increases, plus a rude man actions, lower abdominal impacted by the strong, so women can also lead to corpus luteum rupture.

by the doctor's further inquiries, afraid xiaoyan finally tell the truth, it is with her boyfriend after a severe abdominal pain, speaking of which, she burst into tears, tears are hurt her boyfriend, actually knew when she was a little uncomfortable, let her boyfriend tap, but just don't listen to her boyfriend, so now in tragedy.

fortunately, operated by strain of three hours, xiaoyan temporarily save the day.

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