reproducible case: in men with diabetes do not eat pills has returned to normal blood sugar

according to the general medical knowledge, have diabetes not only need to use drugs to control, and so far, also cannot effect a radical cure diabetes, can only be maintained.ningbo 46, however, mr xu has been diagnosed diabetes for two years, medicine, a grain of no blood sugar had returned to normal, how did he do it?

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mr xu is ningbo, a research institute in office, who seldom exercise.two years ago, he was found in the physical examination blood sugar on the high side.he's more than 8 tendency for l, fasting glucose and normal should not exceed 6.1 tendency/l.then in clinics, mr xu was diagnosed with diabetes, the doctor prescribed medicine, but he really rejection:"who don't want to take medicine when the point for a long time."

in order not to take medicine, make a gentleman came to ning big medical school affiliated hospital endocrinology clinic found chief physician, md, mao yushan, mao doctors have in-depth study on diabetes and its complications.

he thought mr xu's diabetes is still early, postprandial blood sugar and glycated haemoglobin is not too high, and the fat, not to take medicine is the idea of control blood sugar is not without a possibility.

to do so, the doctor gave mao hui and tailored to the diet and exercise plan, correct him"eat less"bad living habits, and do to lose weight and do not rebound, at the same time stressed that must strengthen the monitoring in the process, once try is invalid, the medicine to take medicine on time.

tube shut up, move more

the first thing to do is to lose weight.

in addition to high blood sugar, mr xu transaminase, triglyceride and uric acid were overweight.mao doctor believes that the main is multiple metabolic disorders associated with obesity.

"i height 1 meter 68, two years ago, the weight is 152 jins, 140 jins now.waist circumference was 29 inches, now 26 inches.two years ago found fatty liver significantly reduce now."hui told reporters that these changes behind solidifies his saliva and sweat.two years ago:

mr xu's breakfast, lunch is normal, is to eat in the evening, can eat two bowls, favorite food is braise in soy sauce elbow, one meal can eat a whole only.

your supper he becomes a couch potato-nest on the sofa watching tv into hard seeds to eat potato chips, can eliminate the night several bags of high-fat high-calorie snacks.

in addition, eats the fruit to make a gentleman is also very big, is bigger than the palm of the mango to eat two or three at a time, a big watermelon to eat half, eat grapes a half washbasin, intake of sugar is quite considerable.

after the determined to lose weight:

mr xu adjusted the intake for dinner.gradually reduced to a bowl of rice, braise in soy sauce elbow into steamed and boiled fish dishes.every time to six or seven points have enough to eat.burp even to loosen the two belt buckle not happened again, fruit ate no longer unrestrained.

after 8 p.m.don't eat.friends come around midnight snack is put off."try not to eat outside, heavy oil double salt, and a group of people together is easy to eat many chating at the dinner."mr xu said.

watch tv into exercise.sometimes is movement in the home, sometimes in the gym.the gym is in order to lose belly fat."the most trouble, abdominal obesity limbs but not fat belly fat, the fat on the internal organs, three tenors also follow you."

according to mr xu, can look for coaching in the gym, can communicate with other people, are more likely to exercise, weight loss better than hard work alone.

in normal times, mr xu also often walk to and from work, at noon and colleagues to play table tennis, coupled with the gym twice a week or more, exercise time more than two hours a day on average.

, mr xu said his next goal is an inch waist again small, below 140 jins weight control, continue to take medicine while maintaining good blood sugar,"for this, i have already quit wine, also changed to electronic cigarettes, smoke occasionally smoking."

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experts say:the approach other patients can be reproduced

mr xu, the key point is to adhere to.

whether other people with diabetes can be copied, and as he harvested the ideal effect?

the mao yushan doctor's answer is that you can copy.

"eat less and move more,"is the basic treatment of diabetes, also suitable for chronic metabolic diseases such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and gout, the practice has a cadbury, and although cannot let all patients get rid of drugs, but will have positive significance.

by eat less and move more, such as mr xu early, no obvious symptoms of the patient is possible in a short a few months, long years of time, not to take medicine to control blood sugar;

other patients also is expected to reduce dosage, while maintaining the original treatment effect, or dose the same, but can achieve better control of the state than before.

"eat less and move more, on the whole, can improve the pathophysiologic basis of diabetes and improve the body health, in order to delay the development process of part or even reverse diabetes, prevent or delay the occurrence of complications and aggravating, lighten the burden of the patient's body, the psychological burden, a virtuous circle."the doctor mao is introduced.

it is important to note that mr xu is assessed by the doctor to try and under the guidance of the beginning.other patients intentionally try to also want to go to the nursing, looking for a professional doctor to have a look, can protects oneself clap his head.

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control is not equal to cure, at present still cannot effect a radical cure diabetes.even mr xu"good"for the moment there is a time limit, can't last forever.

this, we should adjust state of mind, correct cognition, medication in time according to the condition, adjust the dosage.


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