what are the implications for the cervical cancer vaccine in japan?

is not lack of health information today, but we need to use reason to distinguish the truth from the truth, grasp the false facts and clarify the thread.in this way, you can find the right path to your health.cervical cancer vaccine has been introduced, do not fight?healthy think provides an example to help you think.

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on november 30, 2017, the famous journal science issued reports from reporter dennis, japanese female doctor nakamura son daniel won the 2017 annual maddox prize, because she is in"a matter of public interest on the question of popularizing science and evidence, despite difficulties or hostile faith".the issue has been sparked by a wave of cervical cancer vaccines in japan.

in 1983, german scientists have successfully separated the human papilloma virus dna of hpv16 and hpv18, and in about 70% of cervical biopsy confirmed the existence of these two kinds of virus, they also won the nobel prize in physiology or medicine in 2008.later, scientists in the united states and australia began developing vaccines, and in 2007 they had products.

japan at first is the most active countries cervical cancer vaccine promotion.the cervical cancer vaccine was approved in october 2009 and the sale began in december.starting from november 2010, public subsidy will be provided;in april 2013, the cervical cancer vaccine was listed as a free immunization program and recommended for young girls.cumulative users exceeded 3.4 million, but by april 2016, 2945 adverse reactions had been reported.officials have suspended recommendations for vaccines, and vaccination rates have dropped from 70% to 1%.the furor arose after the anti-vaccine claims that the vaccinations caused the human body to be weakened, and that the reports of the vaccine that had been broadcast on tv caused seizures and raised public concerns.

nakamura son daniel writing articles is a love of the physician, she began to write articles from 2015 to participate in the discussion of the cervical cancer vaccine safety, after all, japan every year, nearly 28000 women were diagnosed with cervical cancer, so about 3000 people in the disease and death.but ms nakamura has been sued for questioning the data of an animal experiment in an article in june 2016.experiment to prove that is the purpose of the cervical cancer vaccine cause brain damage in mice, although the website published a paper explained that the experiment and found no association vaccines and brain damage, but still host experimental neuroscientists to slander will nakamura son to court.

because of the influence of the lawsuits, as well as some anti vaccine activist harassment, nakamura son article now being denied, she wrote a book about the cervical cancer vaccine could not be published.but ms nakamura is still fighting, and she has promoted the cervical cancer vaccine through social media.nakamura son is on the international award-winning, only it wasn't up to her expectations, the japanese authorities on young people of vaccination comparative observation, but also do not see any signs of recovery vaccination recommendations.

at present, has been in our country, many provinces began to cervical cancer vaccine immunization.prior to this, i had published relevant articles and some readers consulted, and my point was that there was support for the vaccine, either, as long as it was effective and safe.because, in terms of public health benefits, vaccines are the most cost-effective means of preventing disease.however, i am not optimistic about the current vaccine promotion for cervical cancer.

there are more than 100 human papilloma virus, there are 14 species can lead to cervical cancer has confirmed.cervical cancer is a common malignant tumor, which is second only to breast cancer in serious diseases that threaten women's health.globally, more than 460,000 cases of cervical cancer are added every year, killing about 250,000 people a year.about 130,000 new cases of cervical cancer are reported in china each year, of which about 80,000 die.if there is an effective vaccine, support advocacy.

but the problem is that we introduced in the current vaccine, is mainly for hpv16 and hpv18, such vaccines in some countries are delisting.starting in april 2016, the u.s.centers for disease control and prevention(cdc) will only purchase 9 vaccines, and 2 and 4 will no longer supply the u.s.market.the reason is that it is not ideal for children to be inoculated, and it takes three times, while the price of nine is only two, and the nine-price effect is good, and it is easier to be promoted because of the small number of inoculations.

from preventive effect, the present cervical cancer vaccine is not for all the cancer-causing virus subtype.studies in the united states have shown that children who receive a 9-valent vaccine before the age of 12 can have an 80 percent protective effect, but whether or not people over the age of 25 have enough to do so remains to be seen.the duration of vaccine protection at this stage is six years, and the vaccine is only 10 years old, and the long-term effectiveness is also examined by observation.at the same time, it was found that there was a common adverse reaction of local redness, fever, dizziness, nausea and vomiting.

we have seen, in recent years, has happened in different countries because the vaccine negative publicity caused public concern, thus greatly reduce the related events of vaccination.from the point of view of popular science and public health reports, the"negative amplification and conformity effect"caused by misunderstanding or unreal communication will be long-lasting.frankly speaking, if you have a cervical cancer vaccine adverse reactions or"dozen vaccine also cancer"message was spread, these messages again with the"play out at one's own expenses vaccine"overlay, that from now on there will be 9 price or even better effect of the vaccine to come in, also hard to promote again.

introduction of cervical cancer vaccine are sorry tale, i feel, can't hold the very not easy to push approved point of view, more can't hold"make approval delay money back as soon as possible"point of view to promote, and expected effect and adverse reaction of the truth should be told the public, let everybody be truly informed choices.

love who, pass on health to who.

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