if the man achieves this standard congratulations you are the prime!

is also a part of human life.a perfect sex life is not only conducive to physical and mental health, but also to maintain the harmony of family life.with the development of society, people are constantly pursuing high quality sexual life.

in people's perception, the men in that sort of ability is the key to determine sex life.but the ability to do that with men is closely related to the size of the penis, and it can be said that the size of a man's penis can affect the quality of his sex life.as a result, many male women are concerned about the size of the penis.

is more likely to be compared and measured against a certain standard, not conforming to the standard male, not only his sexual ability will be questioned, but he will often be considered not a real man.so does the size of the man's place really affect the quality of your sex life?how big is the man in that place?

penis length can affect the quality of sex life.

so is there a measure of the length of the penis?

according to sun yat-sen university, sun yat-sen memorial hospital uropoiesis surgical department director professor zheng-hui guo pointed out that domestic experts have determined 1412 healthy young men of 126 healthy male penis size and length of penis erection.

the results show that the norm at 14.5 cm, longest shortest 4 cm, 7.375 cm long;the maximum circumference is 12 cm, the minimum 4.5 cm, and an average of 7.3 cm.the longest erection is 16 cm, the shortest is 9 cm, and the average is 12 cm.it can be seen that some men do have a slightly longer penis length.

but too long penis and bending won't interfere with the same room.some people have a penis that is naturally curved to the left or right, which is different from the way people look.if you can get into a woman's vagina during erection, you can complete the same room, even if it's normal.

> men can find out whether the penis is compliant with the standard

.many men feel inferior due to their relatively short penis.in fact, most people have normal penises, but there is a misunderstanding, which leads to feelings of inferiority and anxiety.

> generally speaking, the average penis length of chinese men is 10-12cm, which refers to the length of the erectile length rather than the soft state.each person has a different erection factor, and some people have an erection that can increase the volume by three to five times or more, while others can only increase by less than one fold.therefore, the size of the penile penis cannot be used to directly determine the length of the penis.so what method can measure penis length?

after the correct measuring method should erect, with a straight edge along the penis, resist to the top of the penis until the bones till the end of the glans penis length.this can reduce the measurement error by 5 to 7 cm, or even more.

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