strange to blame the cold and fire?

is a word that sounds reasonable and professional.

doesn't know when it started to go deep into your cognition...

, such as"liver fire"!"big heart"!

and the stomach fire, lung fire, barbara a fire~

gum swollen~~ eyes red~ throat hoarse~!all can be summed up with a word"height"-fire!



:do you not find your body cold?

body cold?

a touch your little stomach is cool, some of the girls are bingbing, and the girls seem to be more concerned about the flesh of the belly.did you find out?

b:it's cold in winter, i hate to go out on the have been practicing martial arts for so many years--"cold ice god palm".your thighs and hips are icy.did you find out?

c looks pale, blotch, and looks colorless.did you find out?

d female dysmenorrhea, small abdomen cold, white belt clear.did you find out?

e male scrotum is cold and wet.did you find out?

...what else did you find?


why is it easy to fire?

traditional chinese medicine divides fire into real fire and false fire, but now there are fewer and fewer people who have real fire.

what kind of person has a real fire?


:people in ancient times lived a miserable life.they had no food, no food, no food, no food, no food, no food, no food, no food, no food, no food, no food, no food, no food, no food.

but you don't consider the modern people, all day long drinking cold beer, eating ice cream, put the fruit when food, air conditioning to blow, the fire is the production of body fluid, in plain english, that's not really hot!why do you say that?

the doctor of traditional chinese medicine is a term called"inflammation"on the production of body fluid, use idioms describe is a dog in the manager, for example:when the g8 coalition in the capital, the occupation of the palace, the dowager lady ran way, and was forced to moved to xi 'an.

we are the same is true of"fire", the root cause is that the cold body is too heavy, the hot excluded, and the nature of the fire is"inflammation", go up, so all sorts of"irritated"symptoms also appeared.

junior high school physics has learned this principle:why is hot air always rising up and cold air always settling?very simple, the molecules in hot air are high in activity and low in density, so it is easy to cold air, the molecular activity is low and the density is large, so it is easy to sink.

"physical?even if i had learned it, i would have forgotten it."

!have you seen the fire?the fire was burning up, and there was nothing wrong with it.

when it comes to here, huh?this is not the legendary"hot cold"!the strange phenomenon of body cold and fire is so...

is on fire.

is on fire, no matter what the fire?

:what you can think of, the anti-inflammatory, the chrysanthemum tea, the herbal tea, the bezoar antidotic tablet...none of these things, which we have come to believe in, are bitter.

just fast, clear fire, but in the process, their understanding of medicine has quietly burn off the diu diu sun be the spirit in your body, let your body cold more and more heavy, virtual hot but also will be more and more you're just starting to get on fire, and you get the cool decrease internal heat, but it's going to go back and forth, and it's usually getting heavier and heavier.

small make up a friend, a few days ago in the circle of friends to share a thing, small make up after the permission of the friend, to capture, share with you today, explains the thing~

small qinglong decoction the original square:

three two ephedra, three two peony, asarum three two, dried ginger 3 two, three two main licorice, three two cassia twig, fructus schisandrae half a liter, pinellia half liter

saw the friend?how do you feel?

ephedra?asarum?dried ginger?cassia twig...oh, my god!!these are the hot medicine that broke cold, warm lung, originally this friend's nose stem, ate this medicine does not spray fire?!

, but not...


is the reason why we say this today, the small green dragon soup broke the cold and warm lung, the cold is broken, but the nose stem, nose bleed these virtual hot conditions no longer have.

> a lot of people just want to get on fire, take into account the external factors, what they eat hot pot today, and eat hot peppers tomorrow, the air is dry many people understand that the reason behind it is that your body is too cold?!

body cold, fire, how do you break it?

"small make up, you don't want to talk about it, quickly dump some dry goods to us!"

"you are impatient!can't let me have a good ramble again!"

a good, take good care of your taste

cold injury taste, don't let a cold liangyao hurt my own time the fire, think to eat a grapefruit, drink a chrysanthemum tea before the fire, consider the price before-the spleen and stomach become more and more false cold.

normal temperature fruit, normal temperature water also is cold, also easy to hurt the spleen and stomach.

of course, taste love warm big rice water, rice can restore a stomach gas, and the big rice water can fill fluid, also need to know fire water oh~

one thing forgot to say with you, in addition to the body cold, heat up, also take into account that the heavier cold, im the fluid level is lower, and the fluid can be understood as to"fire"of water.

2, fire return


the what, cold evil, are like small make up just said the g8 coalition, the more you eat cold food, the less to care for their taste, the stronger the strength of the eight is, the more the dowager lady back to less than the capital.the meaning of introducing fire to the yuan means to make the old lady cixi hurry back to the capital!


/p>/p>/p>.doing this often helps to"drop the heat".

let's wisdom of ancestors said"power nap"there is a deep truth, eye closure can pass more nadis, eeg monitoring in western medicine, also found that, after closing eyes alpha brain wave deformation, wide frequency increase.research shows that alpha wave is used to promote inspiration and creativity.

(2) flexible use cinnamon

cinnamon have the action of temperature,"fire a girl", soup at ordinary times can add cinnamon.

can add cinnamon when making can also put cinnamon on your tea.


.take mugwort(or alflock) 15 grams, 15 grams of dogwood, add a little water and boil for 20 minutes.after cooling to the proper temperature, soak the feet.(p>

)(p bbb)(p bbb)(p bbb)(p bbb)

if you have gum swelling, gum bleeding, etc., you can paste ginger slices in the spring.

three, by the party

what ideas on the application of the party?

, if there is an empty heat, you must not forget warm.

/p>/p>/p>/p bbb/p bbb/p>/p>/p bbb/p bbb/p bbb/p bbb/p bbb/p bbb/p bbb/p bbb/p bbb/p bbb/p bbb/p bbbin general you can infer that the person is thirsty and wants to drink cold.drink a cold water iced drink what, it is their favorite.this condition indicates that"stomach has a deficiency of heat".

above, you can see bright, is the result of wiped lipstick.but if it's a"hot stomach,"it's like the one above, flashing like a lipstick.

, if you use a medium-to-medium medicine, you can't do it well if you only use zhibaihuang pills.with the addition of the attached pill(spleen and spleen), the effect is good.

this truth, small make up just about oh~

on the application of prescription, can be in aconite decoction, on the basis of the cutting:

in aconite decoction

in aconite decoction in the cutting from treatise on febrile disease theory pills

manage pill in the original square:ginseng dried ginger main licorice atractylodes all three two

recommended usage:red ginseng 30 g 45 g dried ginger fried atractylodes 30 g hosts 30 g 90 g of aconite main licorice 30 g(90 minutes) in a

join the radix rehmanniae, filling fluid effect 】 【

although were mentioned is the root cause of the cold, but doesn't mean we all use warm is a very good method to pay attention to the deficiency heat and protect the spleen and stomach.don't forget our root act when you use it-"keep your stomach and your body fluid".

can be applied flexibly on the basis of the soup.

, for example, if the deficiency of the eye is hot, it can be 30g with the skin of qin, and the deficiency heat in the stomach can be added with yellow and 15g.

is suitable for you to be curious!!

in the case of partial virtual heat, also has a lot of skills.

, for example, some of the classics are good at cleaning up local heat.


yellow connect can be clear in the heart of the empty heat, have the situation of upset, polydream, insomnia, palm heat etc.


is different in dosage and application.

, for example, radix scutellariae, rhizoma coptidis under the ratio of 3:1 can qing jue yin meridians heat, can be used in clinical oral ulcer, gastric ulcer, white plug syndrome, etc., for example this decoction soup, the application of licorice xie heart soup.

scutellaria baicalensis:a ratio of 1 to 1 can be used to treat the deficiency heat in the large intestine, which can be used in the treatment of hemorrhoids, such as the application of gegen scutellaria.

scutellaria:the ratio of yellow to 2 can clear the heat of the heart, such as the application of long-term insomnia, sleep talk, grinding teeth, sleepwalking, etc., such as the application of huanglian gelatin soup.

, except for the local virtual heat, the case of the whole deficiency heat is also obtained by the agent.

, for example, if you can get rid of the heat of the whole body, you can get a cold air for your body.for example white ginseng soup can be treated like to drink cold water, eliminate gushan symptom such as hunger, maxingshi sweet soup, soup of small tsing lung with gypsum can be used to in the clinical treatment of pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma, etc.

, for example, it can focus on the deficiency heat of defocusing, such as pigling soup, can be used in urethritis, urinary latent blood, etc.

yi?how do you say a bunch of clear heat?

says so much, just to let everyone understand that the use of the square must not be limited, can not a single reinforcement of the yang, the system is very complicated, also needs to be flexible and dialectical.of course, if you follow the trail, there is a shortcut.

, if you look at the above, you wonder why it's cold.

special reminder:the path via video and articles is only for teaching guidance, not for specific clinical treatment, if there is any need, please consult doctor's doctor.

boil clothing methods:

if you have, lateral root of aconite need to monkshood decoction first 90 minutes, and then the rest of the medicinal materials in the pan, tisanes time for the first time for the fire to boil, small fire fry for 50 minutes, pour out the liquid.


, if there is less water in the process, you can add hot water to cook.

is to combine the two medicines together, and then divide into two parts, one for one drink, one for the morning, one for the other, and one for the evening, and ten minutes to an hour after the's hot before you drink it.welcome to the post, this collection is a long and effective

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