it is a pity that ten premature old bad habits are too few!

not eating breakfast is not only harmful to the intestines and stomach, it makes people tired, stomach upset, headaches, and it is easy to produce gallstones, while urging people to age.

2, running on an empty stomach,

running on an empty stomach burden on the heart and liver, easy to cause an irregular heartbeat, and even death.

3, alors, pauvre con, va, with water to make tea

get out water to make tea destroys vitamin c in the tea, it is best to use the plain boiled water of 70 to 80 degrees, so bubble tea is good for health.

4, not brushing before going to bed

will irritate the skin, clog the glands or pores, and damage the skin's health.


7, after the fish-puncture card throat, vinegar

8, the tablet breaks open with


9, table top spread plastic cloth

plastic sheet is made from toxic free polyvinyl chloride resin, the tableware is often exposed to this toxic substance and can cause chronic poisoning.

10, drinking strong tea


2, correct filling water can improve memory

light hydrogen water after meals, suggest half an hour after a meal drink light hydrogen water

get up a cup of water

in the early morning is the best opportunity to day filling water, drinking water can make light of hydrogen intestines and stomach wake up in the morning, lower blood concentration, promote circulation.

a glass of water before sleep

half an hour before sleep supplement moisture, let the body to maintain balance in the sleep, reduce the incidence of calculi occur, the low deuterium water can make the brain parasympathetic nervous excitement, improve the quality of sleep, insomnia for a long time, people have very good effect, in addition, the animal experimental results show that low deuterium water also help to enhance the role of long-term memory and anti-aging.

three or six daily daily life way to avoid is

1 avoid smoking early-

wake up in the morning, the metabolism of the body is not restored to normal levels, slow breathing rate, carbon deposition is more, if smoking can make bronchial irritation and cause spasms, carbon dioxide discharge is blocked, resulting in a quite stuffy, dizziness, fatigue and other symptoms.

2-avoid fasting drink milk

after digestion in the stomach and small intestine in the milk protein into amino acids can be absorbed in the small intestine, and hollow drink milk soon make gastric emptying, protein could be absorbed, causing waste of nutrition, and protein in e.corruption into toxic substances.

>if toilet reading newspaper not only can make defecate consciousness receives the inhibition, and can make rectum lose to defecate the sensitivity of the stimulation, easily cause constipation.

4 bogey-indoor keeping bird

bird droppings with parrot virus, island type tb bacillus and sending mite.bird droppings are crushed and germs fly in the room.prolonged inhalation can induce respiratory tract mucosal congestion, cough and other symptoms, severe cases of pneumonia and shock.


if the doors and windows are closed, the amount of carbon dioxide in the room will triple, and the bacteria and other harmful substances will you should keep some windows in your sleep.

sit up and sit for half a minute;

two legs hang down on the edge of the bed for half a minute.

> after these three and a half minutes, without spending a cent, the cerebral ischemia was gone, and the heart was not only safe, but also reduced many unnecessary and sudden death, unnecessary myocardial infarction, unnecessary cerebral apoplexy.

five, three and a half hours of health

first of all, the morning exercise every day and a half hours, a run, it may not be less than a kilometer, or in other sports, but it is different from person to person, right amount motion.

second, taking a nap in the first half hour, this is the need to biological clock, and nap half an hour, in the afternoon to work, particularly energetic, old people also need to sleep, because older people sleep early at night, get up early, very need to have a rest at noon.

#3, walking for half an hour from 6 to 7 pm, and sleeping in the evening, can reduce the incidence of myocardial infarction.

6, drink soup before meals, slender health

guangdong special love drink the soup, a drink soup before meals, nerve reflex to the brain, the brain by the appetite pivot, as long as the drink soup before meals, can decrease appetite center

lean to fat, after dinner drink soup

fat people want to be thinner, drink soup before meals

7, health proverb

grain and red jujube, better than glossy ganoderma

taste refined grains, coarse grains moist intestines and stomach

eat carrots, or turn away

eating a bit vinegar, need not to send

dog meat rolls three rolling, the fairy stand

since morning a glass of water, to the old don't regret

the apple daily with her, don't have to go to a hospital

often eat radish dishes, what also don't ill

garlic is a treasure, often eat healthy

tofu and seaweed, often eat in addition to disease

eating a little ginger, without a prescription

cabbage turnip soup, life insurance health

a hot day and a half piece of melon, the drugs don't catch a

guilty gas shortage, longan rice porridge cooked

in the morning to drink soup, salt-drink soup of life

thirsty heart be agitated, porridge and kiwi

hot pepper and spicy, long food digestion

eight, health four cornerstones:

a balanced nutrition, exercise,

a good night's sleep, and happy mood.