what diseases does a major health care take?all of them are infected with these diseases

with the development of society and the improvement of living standards, various bathing centers are springing up.this adds another option for people to relax, and male friends go to the bathroom from time to time.but the people who often come in and out of these baths know that the bath center is not a pure fantasy, and that they may be a hotbed of service.the so-called"comfort"is simply a"great care".

here no matter what the men in the center of the bath to enjoy the 'service, have enjoyed male nature is fun, just behind these men did not know that is a big health care is there are all kinds of hidden dangers.because whether it's health care or small health care, men may have been infected with stds without realizing it!

-what are the stis?

, a lot of men enjoy the feeling of big health care, but they don't know how to kill the machine.according to data from domestic and international surveys, men who carry out overhealth care have a 20-50% chance of being tested for stds.the most common stds are gonorrhea, syphilis and hiv, among which the prevalence of gonorrhea is between 10 and 16 percent, syphilis is 4.9 percent, and hiv is 0.5 percent.

see here some unavoidable will say,"that was a talent to do something gross stds.we're just going to fix our feet and massage.it's not dangerous.don't be alarmist here."

is not.the real danger is not what you do, but the possibility that the instrument itself is dangerous.

, because the tools and utensils used for repairing and acupuncture are not sterilized, the virus can also be transmitted through the blood if you accidentally break the skin in the process of health care.

10 months after the great care must be such audits

1.a week later

great care after a week, if the genitals appear the symptom such as redness, swelling, pain, discharging, then may be a bacterial infection or herpes virus infection, the bacteria, herpes virus, need to go to the hospital to do check and blood test.

2.2 weeks to a month after

, after two weeks of health care, the genital area should be suspected to be syphilis if there were symptoms of ulcer and mass, and the vaginal hospital should be tested for syphilis.

3.2 weeks to ten months

if there will be a genital or flesh, rashes, warts, etc., especially requires the suspect is likely to be infected with genital warts.in general, most people experience these symptoms around three months after infection.however, the examination of the condyloma acuminatum and gonorrhea is mainly the secretion of the lesion, which can not be found out.

the last say 1, if a male friend care after suspicious symptoms or have doubt in his heart, the proposal to the hospital regularly to do related inspection, such as syphilis, aids and genital herpes blood tests.