it is better to eat it in winter than eat meat!delicious food and health care

, after the winter, all kinds of health foods are attractive.a lot of people don't know what they want to eat, and remember that"eating fish is not as good as eating a bean."

-this is because soy foods contain virtually no cholesterol but are rich in phospholipids and bean sterols, which help lower serum cholesterol.for middle-aged and old people, the choice is perfect.

different"beans"have different health benefits.for example, eat red beans to reduce swelling;eat edamame to protect your heart;eat soy bean reducer;eat more beans in the winter, good for your health!

beans:reduce cardiovascular disease(cvd)

soybean plant sex protein content, have the laudatory title of"plant meat".soy protein and bean sterols, both of which can significantly improve blood lipids and cholesterol, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

is high in soy lecithin, which is an important component of the brain.eating more beans helps prevent alzheimer's addition, the sterol of soybean lecithin can increase the nerve function and vitality.

recommendation method:yellow bean pig foot soup


1, pig's hoofs are washed after scalding, scrape off the old skin, add water to boil, skim off the foam.

2, add shaoxing wine, spring onion and water soaked with water for 1 hour, medium fire 35 minutes, add salt, taste essence to taste, and then high fire 15 minutes.

edamame:mindarmor step-down

edamame are rich in vegetable protein, potassium, magnesium, b vitamins, and dietary fiber and other nutrients, but also contains saponins, phytic acid, oligosaccharides, such as health care ingredients, for the protection of cardiovascular and good control of blood pressure.

recommendation method:salt water wool beans



2, cut off the corner of the pod one by one;

3, chopped spring onion, sliced ginger, ready for octagon, cinnamon, aromatic leaves, fennel, dried red pepper;

4, take a pot to boil water, add 3 kinds of dressing, the fire boil;

5, add the chopped edamame, and the fire is boiling;

6, adding salt and cooking wine, turn medium heat and continue to cook for 5 minutes.

7, the cooked edamame is soaked in the original juice for 30 minutes before serving.

red bean:spleen detumescence

ormosia sex flat, can qingrejiedu, spleen and stomach, diuresis detumescence.autumn and winter human body is apt to appear oedema, drink a bowl of red bean soup can alleviate edema effectively.

recommendation:red bean purple rice water


20 g red bean and purple m 20 grams, wash soak overnight, will join the new water, soak the water away with small fire boil until done again can, edible when adding suitable amount of honey.

mung bean:qingrejiedu

mung bean is rich in vitamin a, b, c, have fall blood pressure bean sex cold taste gan, has the ability of the throat quench thirst, qinghot yi qi, detoxify the water and so on.

green bean powder can be used for scald of sores, green bean skin can be seen, and green bean sprouts can also relieve wine.

often drink green bean soup, which not only increases nutrition, but also has a certain effect on nephritis, diabetes, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, gastroenteritis, laryngitis and vision loss.recommended how to eat:

green bean soup


mung bean immerse 2 hours, pot of water, add green beans, after the fire boil, change a small fire, and mung bean heat after flowering, can be transferred to the right amount of sugar to eat.

black beans, kidney anti-aging

the doctor of traditional chinese medicine thinks, black into the kidney, so often eat black beans to the kidney.

, and the black bean skin contains rich anthocyanins, which can remove free radicals and resist senescence.also, anthocyanins and eye protection.




kidney bean:lose weight, promote the metabolism of

kidney bean rich nutrition, protein, calcium, iron, vitamin b group content is higher.

is worth noting that the saponins in kidney beans can promote fat metabolism, which also contains ingredients that can prevent the absorption of sugars, and is one of the ideal foods for weight loss.

recommendation:kidney bean porridge


kidney beans soak for 24 hours, moderate amount of water in the pot, put in kidney beans and rice, the fire boils down to boil and boil down to porridge.note that kidney beans must be cooked thoroughly to avoid poisoning.

five-color bean:nourish the

red bean(heart):blessed are resting to restore energy, spleen and kidney, and contain prandial fiber, can purge, runchang, lower blood pressure.

green beans(into the liver):clear heat and detoxify, lowering cholesterol.

yellow beans(into the spleen):rich in saponins can promote digestion and spleen stomach, and long-term eating can delay aging.

white lentil(lungs):there are a variety of globulin, which can improve immunity and prevent respiratory diseases.

black beans(in the kidney):antioxidants such as isoflavones and anthocyanins, which promote the excretion of toxins in the kidneys.

recommendation:bean soup



first soak in water for half a day, then cook it as a soup(with two bowls of water) or water and beans.

after winter, is the best tonic season of the year, and afraid to eat meat too much affect cardiovascular health, you'd better choose the it often, and you'll be fine with your body.tell your friends and family.

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