the old man was sent to the hospital because he had not been saved to watch him die

is not lack of health information today, but we need to use reason to distinguish the truth from the truth, grasp the false facts and clarify the this way, you can find the right path to your health."health sithong"today takes you through a common sensitive topic, whether the critically ill patient is rescue or abandon, just who decides.

let's look at an example, on november 30, 2017, the famous medical journals in the new england journal of medicine, report provided by the university of miami hospital case:a 70-year-old uncle was sent to hospital.a crowd of medical workers is preparing to save, but lost.see the patient's chest stab a lines do not resuscitate, famous dnr, have legal sense and clinical experience on this too familiar, this means refusing to cardiopulmonary resuscitation(cpr).

ordinary people think, wearing a white coat, can see people shock zha don't rescue them?is it not a mention of the doctor to heal the wounded, to carry forward revolutionary humanitarianism?the doctor was in a hurry, he was not saved, he was in a coma, time was life, and he could not save it again.rescue, the person is tattooed word, say not want to be saved.more trouble is, the big ye have no consciousness to say no words, nearby also have no relatives to be able to ask.the doctor was very clever, they thought, if the words were a joke when they were young.

?call the consultation, the hospital has found an ethics expert, the expert is outspoken, should respect the patient's will, dnr, cannot save;the hospital is not at ease, check, still good, in the medical data bank to find out master hand sign of the outside of the hospital dnr, the document and chest tattoo expression of the will, give up rescue, let big ye to die according to his own will.

i talked with a friend when the doctor about this matter, he said extreme concern, says this technique if make some compatriots study master, can have a big trouble.i understand that the medical affairs of our place are not only frequent and bad, but also the techniques are constantly being renovated.

, i heard that the family members have been told to sign the words after they have been told, but they can look at it two days later.there are some disputes that do fail, but some do the best they can to save the life.after hearing the first aid, the man was cold, and he was asked to kneel on the ground for more than two hours.finally, the ribs were broken and he was asked for compensation.if get seriously ill, the bosom stab several words,"ning die not rescue", how to do?save lives, people can not pay, did not let rescue?do not save, die, in a word, the dead is big, people all dead, difficult not to pay compensation?difficult?

the doctor nor have been dnr charms of this law, the specification due to ke for events.coinland was a girl in her twenties.she had drunk a lot of cocktails at a friend's birthday party and was unconscious and unable to recover.her parents hope that the hospital will no longer take the extension, but the hospital and the court initially disagreed.finally, the court decided to end the medical treatment by giving evidence that she had given up her wish.when japan reported the incident, death with dignity was used, and then"death of dignity".

dignity death is defined with an incurable disease, and belongs to the end, in order to avoid collapse to patients with personality, and to terminate life-support equipment.the 1976 amendment to california's natural death law became the first law on the death of dignity in the world.since then, most states in the united states have the equivalent of the law.but the world now has only the united states to die with respect to legislation.

is different from euthanasia we often hear.euthanasia is the end of a person's life when he is conscious of it;the death of dignity is simply no longer taking medical care and letting it die naturally.the general rule is that the patient signed the forewarned in advance and died with dignity at the end of his life in a natural manner.

in recent years, china also has a civil 2006, a website called"choice and dignity"was founded, and the"no tube club"advocated the death of 2013, there was also a living pre-order promotion association.however, these activities are only in the stage of civil promotion, and they also face many difficulties such as doctor-patient relationship, ethics, law and customs.

love who, pass on health to who.

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