the doctor of the national doctor of the two houses of the family has five dietary advice to remember that he can live long

food is medicine, the food is medicine, food hygiene, if you have health problems, the first thing you need to consider is that dietary changes, rather than to take medicine, most of the drugs take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure, there are some side effects, only changing diet structure, can fundamentally solve the problem~

listen to this several experts advice below, let you find everything new and fresh!

pay extra to buy runchang tea, but don't know vegetables are clear body of grass

    <p>doctor xue boshou, chief physician of guang 'anmen hospital of the chinese academy of traditional chinese medicine./p>xue

the old thought:"height"the grass is above, below is hydrophobic, unclog the drain,"gastric bowel to to use", which means only eat more vegetables, intestinal smooth, only unobstructed, natural or not.

, for example, radish has the function of natural gas, and radish seed traditional chinese medicine is called"radish seed", which can treat abdominal distension.celery are rich in cellulose, a lot of old doctor of traditional chinese medicine is recommended qin pear juice, up in the morning, the celery and snow pear juice to drink, celery and pear itself can promote lung clearing lung, and table""lung and large intestine, lung xuanchang gas, defecate is pass.

eggs would like to have a few eat a few, also can eat egg yolk

this notion was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, but they have been slowly change, young people usually don't say such things, because will be laughed at.

egg is the best food in the world, most nutritious food, mainly protein, protein main nutrition inside the egg yolk, it is rich in minerals, vitamins, egg can only eat one principle, derived from some very not mature research, has long been overturned in a foreign country.

eggs, including egg yolks, can definitely be eaten more, don't worry, the cholesterol is no problem.our latest dietary guidelines for chinese residents also give the right name.

, what can you eat?eat everything!,

    <p>academician of chen junshi chinese academy of engineering and researcher of national food safety risk assessment center

:eat everything and diversify your diet so that you can ensure food safety and health.

/p>, there are some pesticide residues, but once a week, how much pesticide can you eat?


i never think food is good or bad(that is,"junk food"and"non-junk food"), because if one eats nutrition and health, the key is whether the food combination is reasonable.for example, if i have a hamburger for lunch, i should eat more vegetables in the evening.likewise, eat instant noodles at noon, and add a little meat and vegetables that night.

red meat is too fat, but it is not not to be eaten, as long as it is not eaten daily, it can be used as part of the balanced diet.

can't prevent cancer, but the best anticancer drugs are on you!

    <p>hao xishan, academician of chinese academy of engineering and chairman of chinese anti-cancer society

:"not only in china, but in all parts of the world, there are all kinds of nutrients that claim to have such a protective effect, but these are all likely to have a role in cell culture or in far as i know, there is no nutritional or health care product that actually proves that it can prevent cancer in humans."said hao.

"i firmly oppose the use of nutrition for cancer prevention.""he said firmly.

:only reasonable diet can effectively prevent the occurrence of cancer, followed by"coarse, weak, miscellaneous, little, vegetarian".

"coarse"means coarse grain and coarse fiber;

"light"means to eat less high-fat, animal protein, with natural light fruits and vegetables, and control salt intake(no more than 5 grams per person per day);

"miscellaneous"refers to the rich food type;

"less"means the total amount of food intake and the amount of sugar, protein and fat intake should be moderate;

"p"means fresh vegetables and fruits, which are rich in various vitamins.

official is bigger, more money, yan king is still in the dirt!

will be easy to run over a hundred years!

    <p>chen keji, academician of chinese academy of sciences and master of chinese medicine

official is bigger, more money, yan king is still in the soil.three meals a's only three feet in the night.keep your heart in your heart, live it, don't climb it, don't beat it, don't be angry with expectancy is 15 per cent, but 60 per cent is decided by itself, so health care should be adopted when young.the doctor can cure you of your disease, but you can't cure it.p>shang shu, medical oncology doctor of the fifth people's hospital of shenyang city/p>

great progress of natural science, make us in the face of many diseases, more weapons and means, but it is precisely this relatively perfect escort, make we all became a"frog in warm water, because we have not to ask why we will have to the disease, we just know that ill find a doctor, they must be able to help us to cure.

i have a patient to do colonoscopy, discovered the rectum polyp, is a kind of potentially malignant change tendency of benign tumors, in fact no big problem, as long as the microscopic resection, regular diet, abstemious smoke wine, regular review, not life-threatening.but he doesn't think so, he felt a small piece of meat, medical so developed, some can be cured, so he continued to bad living habits, becomes colorectal cancer a year, and then spread to the lier, people will soon be gone.

i have a lot of lung cancer patients who have not been able to survive for three years and pick up the smoke, they feel fine.but you know, waiting for them must be the tumor relapse and the deterioration of the disease, at that time, good doctors, also can only say to them:sorry, we did our best.

doctor, medicine, can only temporarily solve your ailment;advanced equipment, imported drugs, cannot be your umbrella.only by respecting his life and controlling his own desires, can his life be safer and more quality.

the best doctor is yourself, the best medicine in the kitchen,

best mood is quiet, the best exercise is walking.

, the best health is that in life, a healthy lifestyle is the best vaccine against disease.

health care, don't be angry with yourself, what is the good attitude?

is not in the tip of the horn,

people are also comfortable, the heart is also comfortable;

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20 health all right,

all four indicators,

60 not sick before,

eighty swimming man is not old,

ninety still can trot,

the ease with which a one hundred-year-old!☯

source:national physician master nikon

special remind:mentioned in this paper, the formulas are recommended, please use under guidance of physician, not taking.

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