what happens to a woman without a uterus?doctor: there is no uterus that affects this thing

uterus is a female reproductive organ, but also a place for life.however, the uterus is vulnerable to different diseases, and sometimes women have to have their uterus removed.some women feel that they are no longer a complete woman without the womb, and even think that if they had their uterus removed, they would become men.so what happens to a woman without a uterus?

women didn't uterus?menopause but does not affect the sex

some women born without the uterus, there are some women need hysterectomy because of disease, the day after tomorrow because the menstruation is under the ovarian cycle sex hormone changes caused by endometrial bleeding caused by periodic falls off phenomenon, not the uterus is the most obviously change women won't have menstrual cramps.

in addition, there will be endocrine disorders, mental pressure, such as the legacy of, but in theory, to cut off the hysterectomy from vagina vault, vaginal the top stitching in a blind side, the vagina after the operation still retained the original structure and function, because the ovaries and vagina will still be in place, the same female sexual and before the operation.

but the first affiliated hospital of guangzhou university of tcm oncology professor, director of the physician lie-chu lin said in the interview, women after hysterectomy may actually experience different levels of sexual function, main show is:lack of sexual desire, sexual life less difficulties, orgasm.

this is mainly because after hysterectomy will scar formation, make the elasticity of the pelvic muscles affected by a certain, vaginal so not easy to expand, particularly in the pleasure height, the condition of uterine contraction will disappear.due to hysterectomy pelvic blood caused no storage and shorter retention time of the uterus and so pleasure time may be shorter, but these problems are generally not too serious, pay attention to adjust the sex life of husband and wife beats.

what circumstances need hysterectomy?

in general, when there is a serious and not be able to obtain ideal curative effect with drugs of obstetrics and gynecology disease, you need to remove the uterus surgery, such as malignant tumour of the uterus and ovaries, large or multiple uterine fibroids, by the chinese and western medicine to cure invalid dysfunctional uterine bleeding, severe uterine rupture, pyometra, the uterus, uterine prolapse, due to without reserve uterus bilateral oviduct ovarian resection, serious uterine adenomyosis, endometrial or cervical precancerous lesions, etc.

among them, uterine myoma and endometrial cancer is a common disease of hysterectomy, but not all of the uterus myoma and endometrial cancers require removal of the uterus, if the disease is not heavy, and young women have fertility requirements, through drug treatment and follow-up closely.however, if the symptoms are severe and the condition changes quickly, it is necessary to give up the reproductive function to remove the uterus.

family doctor online editing remind, exactly is to retain or hysterectomy should by professional doctor according to the condition judgment, female one-sided of avoid by all means to keep the uterus, and in order to prevent cancer and early removal of the uterus is not desirable behavior.

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