do you often do more in the same room?

life, everything that exists is reasonable.husband and wife life is not only to give birth to offspring, but also to the health of both men and has been found that sex stimulates the central nervous system and secretes a chemical called amine polyphenol, which is used to reduce addition to helping to alleviate pain, however, there are several benefits.

ease insomnia

because now life pressure big, unhealthy living habits, insomnia is a common disease, especially for women.however, after a harmonious sex life, the nervous body will begin to relax, the muscles will be able to relax after being satisfied, the sleep will come.


and the muscle contraction movement of sex, can promote blood to accelerate out of pelvic area, enter blood total circulation, relieve pelvic pressure, alleviate abdominal discomfort.

help women disinfection

in the male sperm, there is a kind of antibacterial substances called plasmin, it can kill staphylococcus, streptococcus, pneumococcus, such as a variety of pathogenic bacteria, can also help the female genitalia from microbial invasion, to prevent vaginitis, endometritis and oviduct inflammatory disease of department of gynaecology have certain effect.

> sex life can make the pelvis, extremities, joints, muscles, spine and so on more activity, promote blood circulation, enhance the heart function and lung capacity.

protect young mind

japan medical studies have shown that moderate amounts of sex helps prevent brain aging and promote metabolism, enhance memory.


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