what harm do women have for a long time?do you know the solution?

recently, a query has found only 3 adults meet their sexual life, beyond 7 into those polled more thought work, school, and do the housework time is too long influence sexuality, a lot of people are busy to find food, even do the"bed movement"mood were affected, more and more don't like"bed movement"!!!!!!!!!!!sex is a healthy way to stay healthy, but in the face of a single dog, many women have not been able to cope with their physical needs for a long time.so what's the harm that women don't have in bed for a long time?what about demand?

women don't make love for long what harm is there?

women but for a long time days or harm to the body is a great sex life can not get to satisfy, such as face long dark spots, endocrine disorders, breast atrophy, lobular hyperplasia, suffer from uterine flesh tumour, loss of libido, premature menopause even, etc., and may cause breast swelling might be mastitis.

1, endocrine disorders long blain spot

no sexual life for a long time, will lead to can't normal secretion of estrogen in women about simple form endocrine disorders, when human body endocrine disorders, skin will appear acne marks.

2, hormone secretion, will reduce dysmenorrhea

women's menstrual contact there is a big sex hormone secretion, if long-term without sexual life would make the female sex hormone secretion is reduced, and then affect women's menstrual period, simple in menstrual dysmenorrhea.other anomalies may lead to abnormal menstrual blood flow, irregular periods and extended periods.

3, self-purification ability lower vaginitis

due to the location of the vagina special bearing and its structure characteristics, a lot of bacteria in the vagina, but the vagina have certainly self-purification function, the vagina will often secretion of mucus, the glue can have the effect of sterilization.

if not for a long time progressive days, vagina not being energetic will reduce the influence of mucus secretion, then drop its self-purification ability, in the vagina many germs is simple, and then cause vaginitis, and therefore may cause inflammation of department of gynaecology pelvic inflammatory disease, cervicitis, etc.

4, neurological problems will be agitated sweat

sexually active women, the female hormone secretion to add, but due to the long days without sex, hormones will be set in the body, when set to be quantitative time will affect the human nervous system, be agitated, sweat, the symptom such as insomnia.

:what's the sex drive?

> if it is against the natural physiological reaction, it can prevent the sexual desire from venting, which is bound to hinder physical and mental health.for example, there may be some neurological symptoms and unexplained causes of insomnia, fatigue, etc.

is more important, there will be energy and psychological discomfort, specific performance as energy aversion, low mood, and depression, etc., thus secondary adverse effects.some of them will also be dissatisfied with the day, complain, lose the day of love, some even borrow things to lend a person, the temper is hot, and the ordinary will be the gap.

if short time no husband and wife day, that is about to pay attention to the scheduling endocrine!

> traditional chinese medicine(tcm)(tcm)(tcm)(chinese traditional chinese medicine)(chinese traditional chinese medicine)(chinese medicine)(tcm).

, which causes the female reproductive endocrine disorder mainly has the term"external feeling six sex, internal injury seven feelings".in the meantime,"six sexual feelings"is wind, cold, heat, wet, dry, fire;the"seven feelings"in the inner"seven emotions"is our mood:joy, anger, worry, thoughts, sadness, fear and surprise.

, the internal cause of the human body, must be based on"qi and blood".for example,"yin and yang should be like the great theory","the heart is to be happy","the liver is to be angry","the spleen is in zhi to think","the lung is in the worry","the kidney is in the fear".the change of sentiment has different effects on the various viscera of

, and the changes of visceral qi and blood.it can also affect the change of sentiment.the connection is very close.emotions are influenced by external forces, and qi and blood are attributed to internal causes.therefore, qi and blood are all necessary material bases for the physiological functions of viscera.

, my country is famous for the gynaecologist liang shude has the words:"blood is the mother of qi, qi is the blood is handsome, the woman takes the blood as ben!".

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