what can you do after sex?do you know that?

after a passionate blend of water and milk, you can still remember every romantic moment in your sex life, but instead, he sleeps and snores like thunder, or watches tv with his own eyes.at this time, your rippling spring heart is like poured cold water?

and these similar situations in life are not uncommon.when an intimate couple lives, the woman will urinate, but the man can't, you know?

after sex can be done?

around the normal female urethral opening sojourner there are a lot of bacteria, due to the impact extrusion, in the process of sex bacteria through the urethra into the urethra, and then along the urethra to the bladder, and kidney, ureter caused cystitis, and pyelonephritis.in addition, the bacteria on your partner's genitals can also cause infections in the female urethra.therefore, a simple and effective cleaning method is used in the back row of the sex life.the urine flushing urethra can remove the bacteria and thus reduce the chance of infection.

although unlike female physiological structure, male urethra born strip bending(urethral 16-22 cm long), bacterial retrograde leads to lower the risk of urinary tract infections, but male if force it urinate immediately after ejaculation, so by the genitals hyperemia extrusion, urine is easy to reverse flow into the prostate, lead to urinary pain, and even cause inflammation of the prostate and urinary tract infections and other problems.therefore, the male should make urination after the weakness of the penis, make love after urination difficulty should not be forced to urinate forcefully.

1, wash the lower body

, the secretion of both men and women, create a moist and impervious environment for the private area, which is beneficial to the survival and reproduction of bacteria.therefore, it is necessary to wash the body in time after sex, and suggest to wash it back from the front, so as to prevent the sewage from flowing back into the private area and be polluted.in particular, the finger and mouth used in make love will increase the bacterial infection in the private area.after make love, female friends should wash down the area in time and gently wipe the private parts.

can wash down, but i don't suggest a hot bath immediately(water temperature exceeds 40 ℃), because can lead to increased muscle blood flow to the skin, accelerate the blood circulation, resulting in heart and brain, causing dizziness, palpitation, serious when can cause myocardial infarction or stroke.afterwards, after the body detente, take a shower, and the water temperature should not be too high.

2, water

the bedroom in the process, not only the organ is in highly congested excited state, and from sexual excitement period to height, almost all the tissues and organs of the body is involved in this special physiological process.it is fair to say that a satisfying room is equivalent to a moderate intensity exercise.

you can add 1-2 pints of water after make love(about 470-950 ml), in addition to moisturizing the body and helping the bladder to get rid of the bacteria.at the same time, in the bedroom, the body's energy consumption increased significantly, tissue metabolism, the process consumes a lot of water, so don't sleep immediately after sex, be sure to drink a glass of water to supplement the shortage of the water in the body, or the next day will have a sense of fatigue.in particular, in the elderly, the lack of water in the night can cause blood concentration and cause some diseases, so don't forget to drink water after sex.(don't drink ice water oh~)

1, men should not urinate immediately

.for women, make love immediately urination is a simple and effective means of preventing urinary tract infections.because the female urethra is short and straight, the bacteria of the vulva in husband and wife's life may go retrograde to the urethra, causing urethritis, cystitis and so on.men in the same room should not be anxious to urinate, otherwise it will cause damage to the prostate, because the male urethra is long and bent, and the resistance of the urine is large and long.

the husband and wife life just ended, corpora cavernosa congestion has not yet faded, and urethral sphincter and detrusor contraction has not been eliminated, this will cause urethral resistance is high, cause dysuria, even urine.if you rush to urinate, it will increase the pressure in the urethra, and the urine stream that carries bacteria and metabolic waste will go into the prostate, and in the long run, it will lead to prostatitis.men can best rest 5~ 10 minutes after ejaculation, disappear in the congestion state after micturition

2, can't eat cool things

spluttered pa, people often feel hot and thirsty, eating cold food, and without any adverse effect on reproductive system.because the changes in sexual arousal only focus on the sensory nervous system and the endocrine system, as the sexual excitement subsides, the change gradually returns to normal.eat something cool, even if it's stimulating, but only in the digestive tract.however, due to the excitement of the sympathetic nerve, the blood in the gastrointestinal tract will decrease as compared with that in pingping.therefore, before the gastrointestinal mucosal hyperemia is not restored, drinking ice water immediately can cause the gastrointestinal mucosa to be cold and damage the gastrointestinal tract.

3, you can't blow the wind immediately

.the ability of the body to regulate body temperature is weakened and vulnerable to wind and cold.in addition, if the direct air blast also causes the sweat gland drain hole to close suddenly, the sweat fluid retention cannot be discharged.therefore, even in the heat of the heat, it is necessary to avoid wearing clothes to air conditioning air conditioning, should cover the thin quilt.

4, you can't immediately go to sleep

the love between men and women, not only to say, also want to"do", this is the nature of man, god's truth.but if you take some of the small details of the process lightly, it's easy to let this otherwise good thing become a disaster.

for more women to know how to protect themselves in the room, please forward.women should not be ashamed to talk about sex, and to do well in safety, every woman should enjoy the same benefits as men.