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calcium-rich what food?

is rich in calcium food:dairy products, such as yogurt, fermented milk, milk, bean products, seaweed, shrimp, shrimp, small fish, shellfish, dried fish, algae, etc.the calcium content of seaweed and sea fish is high.

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bring about strong tea

what kind of food will affect calcium absorption?

(1) the oxalate intake of food is too much

too much oxalic acid can affect calcium vegetables that are low in oxalate, such as cabbage, broccoli, etc.also can eat spinach, celery, amaranth, bamboo shoots these high oxalic acid food first to be blanched, remove oxalic acid, reduce oxalic acid absorption.

bring about broccoli

(2) eating too much phytic acid

will completely vegetarian eating too much phytic acid, phytic acid will affect calcium absorption.therefore, the meat should be matched to avoid a complete vegetarian diet.




what food can help calcium absorption?

(1) supplementary milk products

fresh milk:100ml milk contains 104 mg of calcium, suitable for drinking 250 to 500 ml of milk daily.if you drink more than 750 ml of milk, it will increase the amount of calcium in your urine, and it will be easy to produce kidney stones.

yogurt:100mg of yogurt contains 118mg of calcium, which is equivalent to milk consumption per day.patients with high blood sugar and blood lipids need to drink sugar-free, low-fat yogurt.

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(2) rich food supplement magnesium content

calcium supplements at the same time pay attention to the food supplements containing magnesium rich, is conducive to calcium absorption and utilization.for example, eating nuts, such as almonds, cashews, peanuts, and high magnesium content, such as nuts and meat, can help calcium absorb and prevent osteoporosis.

(3) supplementary food rich in vitamin k

foods high in vitamin k content, such as green leafy vegetables alfalfa, celery, spinach, lettuce, cabbage, green beans, peas, broccoli, carrots, kiwi, as well as the cod liver oil, egg yolk, soybean oil, cheese, yogurt, yogurt, yogurt, etc., help to supplement vitamin k and calcium for bone absorption.

bring beans

calcium note:

(1) pay attention to the points 2 times daily calcium

a supplement of calcium food, it is not easy to absorb.a daily supplement of calcium containing food should be added two times.

(2) exercise, light helps to make up the calcium

movement:more outdoor walking, even weight-bearing walk.(to protect the knee joint, do not advocate mountain climbing).

:more light in patients with non-lupus nephritis and vitamin d.

article:this article is an original article.please contact the kidney steward for the authorization.the kidney steward provides scientific information, each patient due to the characteristics of the disease, specific treatment should be based on the doctor's opinion.

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