the star has a bad breath and the third one is surprised that the last one is beautiful and no one dares to kiss him

in the entertainment circle, shooting is hard to avoid has to deal with a situation, a lot of artists out of respect for each other, will be used in advance:brushing your teeth, chewing gum, fresh breath, but it does have some star oral with special odor and not self-knowledge, shooting a seasonal someone feel embarrassed!

1, unexpectedly, jay chou also has bad breath, one time jay chou on the blue heart of the program, the blue heart is careless about the mouth, exhaling good odour, the then jay chou a face embarrassed.


2, mr wang has serious halitosis.not only that, wang feng often smokes and drinks and eats garlic, but he doesn't wash any god, is this really wang feng?

mr wang

3, l have been called fairy elder sister, its level of appearance also recognized by netizens.but liu yifei himself once revealed that he has bad breath on some show, is this self-destruction goddess image?


4, week hero.this is famous, lin xinru once revealed that zhou jie has bad breath, every time he takes this kind of drama is a nightmare, and he also likes to stick out his tongue.


5, entai yu.yao chen in"lu yu"has revealed yu entai has bad breath.when they were filming intimate scenes, yao chen said it was difficult.

entai yu

6, emily theory level and body appearance absolutely do not belong to jenny and fan bingbing and other popular actress, but she has not red!there is news that actually chen zihong is not red also related to her bad breath!she was rumored to have had a lot of intimate scenes with xu xian's panyu ming, and her bad breath has caused a lot of trouble for panyu.


7, feng xiaogang.the entertainment industry is known as the"little gun", and it is not a good idea to bombard the entertainment industry.many people think his mouth is a little"shut down", but feng also has a tone, a lot of cooperation female artists such as fan bingbing and li bingbing have said that he has a strange mouth.feng is said to rely on medication to maintain fresh air!it's not easy.


8, li bingbing is a live very delicate beauty, body and face were her very good, fresh meat in his 40 s still can find boyfriend, but li bingbing had bad breath, goddess may ignore the oral care!

li bingbing

the above a few actor, who let you most unexpected?

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