only one word of the word for the effect of the tablet is sold at least for a pill | 10

is not to be bought, some chinese traditional chinese medicine prices are to sit"sky-high".

is not to be said today, but it is only 12 characters.

which 12 words?

retrieval, the effect of the tablet is only 12 words:qinghot detoxification, cooling blood stasis, swelling and pain relief.specific to the main function, mainly used for the acute chronic viral hepatitis caused by the heat and blood stasis, the disease of the virus, the name of the unknown swelling, the damage and all kinds of inflammation.

is a medicine for traditional methods, so most of the pills are packed in three grams per the first half of 2017, the pill sold for 500 yuan, but by the end of june, the pill had been raised by 30 yuan to 530 yuan per grain.of course, this is only the average price, not some old old medicine, which is more expensive.

from the pharmacodynamics, this medicine is not a lifesaving medicine, can you sell it for at least 500 yuan?

must have a valuable ingredient in it.

musk.take a closer look, like what?

yes!of the main components of the pien, 37 are the main components, accounting for 85%, and 7% snake bile, 5% cow-yellow and 3% musk.

is the main reason why the 3% musk has become a real"sky-high price"for the film.

musk, often seen in some medicine, may not be unfamiliar.

but what exactly is it?i'm afraid there will be no answer.

10 plantar retrieval, musk is the peculiar musk glands under the male musk deer umbilical discharge, its main function is to release extraordinary fragrance, seduce female musk deer came to complete the homework that the reproduction and mating was used on the efficacy of its secretion has become dry spices, specific to biology, is a kind of strong and strange smell pheromones.from the perspective of traditional chinese medicine of chinese drugs, the wild male musk deer musk secretion of purity is higher than that of breeding a male musk deer, but because of the wild male musk deer belongs to first-class national wild animal protection, so the majority of pharmaceutical medicine by musk composition mainly from artificial breeding of musk deer.

male musk deer.notice that the musk deer are musk deer.

but nevertheless, the raw material supply of musk is far from the demand for show that by the end of 2016, the total number of artificial breeding musk deer in china was not over 20,000, and the number of public musk deer was less than 10,000.according to the average annual output of 15 grams of musk, the natural supply of musk is 150 grams, which is about 1.5 million grams.

and the current production of musk for the production of musk is over 2.5 million grams per year, and the supply is much less than one year's production needs.

data show that since 2010, the price of the product has more than tripled.

this market price!he is certainly handsome.

look at.what does it look like in 3 grams of 1 grain of packaging.

buddy, can grow ugly point again?

data shows that the pup has an elliptical shape with an oval ring on it.its surface is brownish or taupe, with fine lines, visible mold.

, in addition, its texture is hard and not easy to break.after fracture, the face is coarse and coarse, with a tan and uniform color, and a small amount of mycelium.its powder is brownish yellow or light brown yellow, qi wei xiang, taste bitter, weigan.

?if it's symptomatic, you might as well give it a try?

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