a woman swallowed a sleeping pill and an ambulance had just arrived.

she called cai yun, 25 years old this year, a few months ago she gave birth to a healthy baby girl, motherhood, was supposed to be happy, but who would have thought that it is the unforeseen that when the ambulance arrived, she was unconscious.

is beside her, and there is an empty bottle of medicine, which is written on the land of panpani, which can make your spine cool.

it is well known that diazepam tablets, also known as sleeping pills, it is a kind of sedative hypnotics, can inhibit the central nervous system, has sedative and hypnotic effect, but if large doses, can anesthesia body, including the medulla oblongata, the doctor said, a large doses can cause acute sedative hypnotic drugs poisoning.

> if it is mild poisoning, there will be drowsiness, unstable mood, lack of concentration, memory loss, ataxia, and unstable gait.if it is severe poisoning, then there will be serious nerve inhibition, patients by lethargy into a deep coma, respiratory depression by shallow breathing and slow to stop breathing, can also occur hypotension or shock, even a drop in body temperature, muscle tension, tendon reflex disappears, and so on.

it is a pity, because eat the sleeping pills too much, and found that it's too late, so when the doctor arrived on the scene clouds have loose big pupil, carotid pulse disappear, spontaneous breathing disappeared, electrocardiogram(ecg) is a straight line.

the death of the color cloud was announced to the family by the doctor, and then a cry of tearing the heart and lungs.

says this, a lot of people will have this question, why is it that a 25-year-old woman?

the original cloud of husband and mother-in-law are particularly want a boy, but this matter, pregnancy born male or female is not a woman can decide, before pregnancy, her husband and mother-in-law is looking for various folk prescription of boys, and traditional chinese medicine(tcm), and base surface, to her husband to give birth to a son, clouds didn't suffer less.

but the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment, born after the nurse said, is a pretty girl.

, the face of husband and mother-in-law changed, and it is conceivable that the day of the postpartum color cloud will not be any better.


medicine, postpartum depression(postpartum ') refers to the women in puerperium appear obvious symptoms of depression or typical depressive episode, and postpartum mood restless and postpartum psychosis belong to puerperal mental syndrome.the incidence is 15 to 30 percent.typical postpartum depression occurs within 6 weeks of postpartum period, and can be restored in 3~ 6 months, but it can be severe for 1~ 2 years, while the recurrence rate is 20% to 30%.

supposedly confirmed postpartum depression and heart disease should be heart, is better to be who tied the bell, if the husband and mother-in-law can give clouds enough care, all may not be so bad, the key is, two people also.

today in the morning, her husband took her two daughters to the mother-in-law's house, by the excuse that did not go to, the body uncomfortable when he left her husband also scold her fart matter much, but her husband and how do you know, the clouds have strengthened their ideas.

is 25 years old, and the young life is gone with the wind, but the truth is so shocking, women, sometimes really pitiful.

, first, as a man, you must love your wife and give enough care to reduce the occurrence of postpartum depression.

:second, don't ignore the harm of postpartum depression.in fact, it can sometimes be more terrifying than organic disease.

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