the women who love these ten kinds of food are very thin and beautiful.


1, drink porridge

look from eating habits, longevity have no don't like to drink gruel.famous economist ma yinchu and his wife zhang guijun, both of them are centenarians, and they especially like to drink porridge.each morning, add 50 grams of oatmeal to 250 grams of boiling water and make porridge for two minutes.every day, ever.

2, millet was the best supplements

the old favorite millet, the millet as the best tonic.young people who are weak and sick often use millet to nourish their bodies.millet yiwu, thick stomach, fluid, strong bones, long muscle.

3, corn as staple food

maize is the staple food is indispensable to the oldest old.medical scientists have found that old corn contains a lot of lecithin, linoleic acid, grain alcohol and vitamin e, so it is not easy to have high blood pressure and atherosclerosis.

4, drink milk everyday

drink milk is longevity have common habits, especially the birthday girl living in the city.the united states is said to have 25, 000 centenarians, 80 percent of whom are women, and their eating habits are generally milk.

5, eat an egg every day

eat an egg every day, has become a common habit of oldest old.centenarians longevity, the famous economist dr chen hansheng, according to the arrangement of the nutrition diet every day adhere to the"three ones":"eat an egg in the morning, evening drink a cup of milk, eat a big apple in the middle."he has three meals a day, eats less meat, makes scientific arrangements and eats healthily.

6, a preference for sweet potato

eat sweet potato is one of the oldest old big preferences.according to medical experts, sweet potatoes contain a lot of sticky protein, so it can prevent liver and kidney connective tissue atrophy and strengthen human also has the effect of eliminating the active oxygen and avoiding the active oxygen to induce cancer.also because sweet potato contains calcium and magnesium more, can prevent osteoporosis disease.

7, tofu, everyone love

the old people generally love tofu.the main ingredients of tofu are proteins and isoflavones.beancurd can be beneficial to qi, supplement deficiency, reduce blood lead concentration, protect liver, promote metabolism and other functions, often eat tofu for health and intellectual development.old people often eat tofu for vascular sclerosis, osteoporosis and other diseases have good therapeutic effect.

8, like chinese cabbage

cabbages, ordinary food, the elderly, the favorite.chinese cabbage contains minerals, vitamins, protein, crude fiber, and carotene.from the medicinal properties, the cabbage has seven functions, such as stomach, sausage, liqueur, lipid, fat, heat and cancer.

9, winter from radish

longevity old man winter eating carrots.according to tcm, it can reduce the stasis, reduce the food product, cure phlegm and cough, treat vomiting blood, quench thirst, dysentery, remove headache, and urinate, raw can quench thirst, clear heat, phlegm to stop breathing and aid digestion, steamed ripe eat can eliminate food and spleen, and have tonic effect.

10, carrots,

the carrot is also the old man's love.carrots are rich in vitamin a and have extremely rich carotenoids.studies have shown that carrots offer a variety of nutrients that are needed to fight heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and atherosclerosis.beta-carotene is only absorbed by the body when it is dissolved in oil.therefore, experienced old people often cut carrots into slices or filaments with oil, so that the retention rate of carotene can reach more than 79 percent.the slices and meat were cooked together, and the rate of the carotene was up to 95%.

> grapefruit has high vitamin c, which can lower the cholesterol in the blood.honey grapefruit tea made with warm water in the morning can help clean up the stomach.feel a little hungry in the afternoon and drink a cup of honey grapefruit tea, which can keep your blood sugar stable and prevent you from eating too much at dinner to help you lose weight.make your own safe and healthy honey grapefruit tea.


1, grapefruit first cleaning, use salt to rub a rub skin, put in about 60 degrees of water to soak for 10 minutes, so we can get rid of grapefruit cuticular wax.after washing, cut off the skin of the grapefruit.

2, remove the white part in the middle of the grapefruit and grapefruit.

3, cut into thin filaments, put in a light salt water for 15 minutes.

4, put water and sugar in the pan, and boil it, and cook it in a quarter of grapefruit peel.

5, pomelo skin to be transparent, then down into the grapefruit and the fire to boil, then turn the small fire to cook slowly, stirring occasionally, so as not to batter the pan, about an hour or so.

6, turn off the heat, cool the heat, pour the honey into the heat, stir and bottle.

7, refrigerate for 3 days or so.the longer the taste, the better.


> grapefruit is a quarter of the amount of grapefruit meat, so the teak tea has a very weak bitter taste, and the children can accept it, and the average adult is more acceptable.

pomelo peel is finer and better, and it can also be used to mix meat and skin together before cooking.

sugar and honey dosage can be decreased depending on individual taste.

efficacy:honey grapefruit tea is not only the taste tasty, but also a white spot, tender skin nourishing qualities of food.the l-cysteine contained in honey has the effect of detoxification, the person that often long acne is taken can alleviate skin disease effectively, have certain dispel spot effect.grapefruit contains vitamin c higher, have certain whitening effect.the honey grapefruit tea can combine these two kinds of effect very well together, often edible can qinghot decrease internal heat, tender white skin.especially suit to face the radiation of the computer everyday, skin suffers radiation injury, the white-collar female that gas color is dim.


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