the body has this big state doctors envy smokers if they have the ability to quit smoking

although it is often said that you can live as long as you can, don't force it.but"long life"is still a good wish of everyone, and health is the basic guarantee for the quality of life.

with the gradual improvement of the living standard, the nutrition surplus gradually became modern health hazards, as people more and more attention to their health, many people began to suspect that he is the health, quit smoking trend intensified in recent years also reflects the real public health problem.

so, has the characteristics of which is the expression of the people longevity and health?please check the

:the sleep quality is good


>it's a sign of poor health.

sleep time:9~10 hours for children, 7~9 hours for adults, 6~8 hours for old people, 9~10 hours for older adults older than 80.

2:breathe easier

all limbs and organs need oxygen supply, and oxygen obtained from breathing.

/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/pit is easy to sabotage your organs without adequate supplies;the lack of adequate and timely supply of the brain is easy to hypoxia, which makes people lethargic and lethargic.

, you can imagine how important it is to have a healthy lung.breathe long, do not cough, not chest pain chest tightness is the most basic healthy performance.

3:wound healing fast

if the wound is good, easily shows the ability of blood coagulation, leukocyte sterilization ability and the health of blood vessels is very good.

if minor cuts, mild burns require long healing, or mild stress leads to unexplained bruising, see a doctor.

4:weight stable

the doctor of traditional chinese medicine thinks, fat people more blood stasis and phlegm wet;thin people have more yin and less, more fire.

weight is one of the most important indicators to reflect and measure a person's is not healthy to be overweight and too thin.if weight changes suddenly, it is easy to bring unhealthy symptoms, and you must pay attention.

5:big hand grip strength

the united states, britain, the researchers found that grip strength big elders not only physical strength, normal operation of various organs in the body, but also reflect bone mineral density is higher, people will live longer.a study in canada found that a decrease in grip strength predicted a greater risk of heart disease, stroke and other serious illnesses, and shortened life expectancy.

6:every 1~ 2 days defecate

move bowels impassability is digestion, excretion, one of the important criteria of system's health.

:every 1-2 days, you can go to the toilet regularly, and the stool is not wet or sticky.this phenomenon shows that your body has a good digestive system, a healthy stomach and a healthy absorption of nutrients.

:drinking a cup of plain boiled water after you wake up will help you also dilutes the blood and promotes blood circulation, which is very important for people's health.

7:the heart rate slow

heart beat too fast, will certainly make the heart too much power, cause strain, shorten life.heart rate can also indicate that the heart is carrying the load, which indicates that it may be the blood viscosity, the reason for the constriction of blood vessels, is very harmful to health.

heart rate is slow, but it can ensure its normal systolic and diastolic activity, meet the blood circulation demand in the blood vessels of the human body, and it is long-term stable, and the slow heart rate of the function is directly proportional to longevity.60 to 90 times per minute for normal heart rate.

8:character cheerful

love can promote positive emotions, the isolation is easy to cause the bad mood, in the end for the development of pressure, inflammation, and cardiovascular disease.many friends can make the character more cheerful, the mood can also get better release through the exchanges, and the longevity health benefits.

if you have these characteristics, you have a longevity gene.however, smokers generally do not have these characteristics.poor sleep quality, lethargy, dyspnea, fatigue, malaise, mental malaise, and rapid heart rate are the norm for smokers.if smokers have the characteristics of a healthy and long life, it's ok to stop smoking.

living standard according to the following 3 points, let the body more healthy

the first thing:stay away from alcohol and tobacco, protect the lung, liver, heart,

alcohol, tobacco, the harm of human body is no longer wordiness, experts have found that smoking and almost all human diseases are directly or indirectly.

, the study of experts found that the incidence of alcoholic fatty liver disease was 92% in 10 years.therefore, the liver first starts from drinking, except for a small amount of red wine, liquor beer should not drink more.

the second thing:sleep before 11 o 'clock, the last bottom line

a long period of time to stay up late, not only damage the liver health, also easy to cause insomnia, anxiety, cause the endocrine disorder, low immunity, easily suffer from disease, also easy to cause low efficiency in study or work.

is the best sleep time between 11pm and 6pm, but it is a prime time for sleep between 11pm and this time liver metabolism is the most vigorous, it is the liver to play its blood, detoxification the best stage.

> if you miss this period of sleep time, you will have a sleep disorder, which can lead to physical dysfunction.nourishing the liver is the life of the body, and the health of the liver is very important for human health.

the third thing:regular exercise

when people don't activity, the body metabolism, breathing becomes shallow.practice shows that people who are inactive for three days will fall by the long run, tissue organs will undergo degenerative changes and functional decline, even life-threatening, which means that physical exercise is of great significance to health and longevity.

in appropriate physical exercise can improve metabolism, improve blood circulation, make each organ is full of vitality, to slow down the ageing process, prolong life, improve the level of health, prevention and treatment of disease, accelerate the recovery of physical functioning after, improve mental and psychological state, and mobilize and exert the roles of subjective initiative has good.

a few simple health tips, than the above three things are more likely to do

1, often bubble foot

the foot pillar cornerstone for the whole body, all the good will toe tip.the big toe connects the liver and spleen, and the liver and spleen can strengthen the body.

, the fourth toe of the fourth toe, can cure constipation and costal pain.the small toe belongs to the bladder, can cure various urethra disease.

, the heart of the kidney, which can be used to treat kidney loss.the ancient cloud foot is the pump of the heart, often wash the body and mind.

spring day per night with a bubble foot, ascending yang blood solid water in summer, hot water and hot water.

/p>.before going to bed in winter, you can get rid of your feet.

water temperature is the most appropriate 50 degrees, hand in water to knead.soak for 15 minutes, blood and silt fatigue.

2, comb hair often

hair not only can promote the blood circulation, prevent hair loss and head of white hair, still can prevention and treatment of cerebral arteriosclerosis, cerebral thrombosis, cerebral hemorrhage, and a variety of diseases such as migraine, insomnia.whether men or women are old or young, sticking to the long brush will have a very beneficial effect on the health of the body.

gets up in the morning, naps, and brushing your hair before going to bed at night.ten fingers, along the forehead hairline to the head of the ring, and then from the top of the hair, and then from the temples to the top of the head massage, the speed of the gentle, gentle, repeated several times.

3, the body often move

often exercise is a great help to the body.the key of keeping yang is to"move"not"quiet", to be active outside exercise, to breathe fresh air, can bask in the sun.

4, face always smile

laugh often can increase lung capacity, clean the respiratory tract, elicits a healthy emotion, eliminate nervous, relax the muscles, help to send out the excess energy, reducing all kinds of mental stress.

5, often drink water

water can replenish essential moisture, to dilute the blood, to promote metabolism, has good effect to the skin moisturizing and raise colour, meriton, easy to digest food, will not have to all kinds of stones, the undisputed scavengers of the water is stretch into the body, can prevent dry eye, avoid eyesight drops rapidly.

is good for drinking water, especially getting up early in the morning and drinking a glass of water half an hour before bedtime.