common sense for women. (always keep your eyes open!the reason women age

women's health care common sense(always keep your attention)!women the cause of aging(4-(4)

1-18 attention see three chapters on

19,"women often wear high heels or cause infertility"

lean forward when women wear high heels, the body weight will focus too much on the front foot palm, flatfoot symptoms may be caused and spastic foot or toe bone fracture;when wearing high heels, the pelvis tends to tilt with the body, and over time it can shift the pelvic cavity, causing the position of the uterus to be tilted forward, causing menstrual disorder, decreased libido, and even infertility.

20, fresh ginger jujube water and egg wool, in the morning empty stomach, can drive cold warm stomach, repair gastric mucosa.when the cold is severe, three pieces of ginger, not serious, are 2 pieces.if it is used to care for 1 piece of ginger, the red dates will also be 6~ 10.boil the egg in a bowl.stir in the eggs.

21,[can be mixed with yin and yang and the blood soup]

this time period is focused on nourishing yin and blood, because the loss of blood is larger.recommended food therapy:6g of cooked ground, 9g of the first, angelica 3g, paeoniae radix paeoniae 3g, gum 6g, longan meat 3, sheep bone 1.soup to drink.less salt and less seasoning.2-3 times a week.

23,"period should not eat cold food?"

everyone know not to eat cold drink, may in fact still have some cold sex food also should pay attention to:such as a cucumber, sponge gourd, eggplant, wax gourd, crab, mud, seaweed, bamboo shoots, pear, grapefruit, watermelon and so more:peanuts, walnuts, dates, cinnamon, rose tea, etc.

24,"five kinds of taste food, which are beneficial to the woman"

1, durian, alleviate dysmenorrhea(sex hot, invigorate the circulation of cold, improve stomach cold) 2, garlic-lustre hair(strong antibacterial activity against breast cancer, ovarian cancer, ufa) 3, parsley, prevent osteoporosis(protect bones, anti-cancer) 4, mustard-make rosy(mediation endocrine, stimulate blood circulation) 5, cedar-assisted reproduction, anti-aging, yang yin, clear heat lishi)

25, female symptoms of kidney empty 】 【

1, up in the morning often hair drops;2.there is a significant increase or decrease in weight.3.memory loss;4.little food;5.often unable to sleep at night;6.frequency of urinary frequency;7.decreased physiological demand; emotions never run high.9.after 1 hour of work, body languor;10.breast relaxation;11.dry skin and spots.12.irregular periods.

26,[the belly button can also be used to treat dysmenorrhea]

recipe:cinnamon, fennel, dried ginger, yuanhu, wuling fat, raw cattail yellow, myrrh, 6 grams of red peony root, in the end, in a sealed bottle.use time to wash navel, take appropriate amount of medicine, vinegar, gauze cover, adhesive cloth fixed.take the medicine for two days and use it three times before.this method is best suited for cold blood stasis.

27,[brown sugar therapy]

red sugar, taste gan, spleen, invigorating qi, nourishing the spleen, nourishing the stomach, relieving pain, activating blood and silting.1.brown sugar is boiled with eggs, which can complement the nutrition of eggs and brown sugar.2.dried brown sugar, laurel, can improve sleep; sugar bubble ginseng, can adjust the breath, improve low blood pressure 4.ginger and brown sugar water:cure cold and cold, relieve the dysmenorrhea of cold silt.

28,[mugwort ginger, treatment of vulva pruritus]

is difficult to say, it's the so-called lotion, mostly been out a product, use of invalid, must consider whether associated with"cold", but his own trial:ginger 120 g even mash, dry moxa leaf 90 g, 1500 ml water, decocting after cleaning.

29, siwu soup:drink out of the feminine 】 【

angelica sinensis and rhizoma chuanxiong, radix paeoniae alba, radix rehmanniae, each 15 grams.if your menstrual cramps or menstrual blood is more associated with blood clots, can add red flowers, peach kernel each 15 grams, ordinary siwu soup becomes a"peach siwu decoction", suitable for women can take, will face ruddy, skin with luster, women are more enough

30,[not the yellow face shiva must eat the 9 sample 】

1.the chinese wolfberry whose eggs give you face 2.papaya jujube fruit honey:blood raise colour;3.peanut sesame paste:anti-aging;pecan pine kernel corn soup;5.double bean chicken wing soup, increasing skin elasticity;6.yam green bamboo shoots stir-fried chicken liver:improve skin color; more"double beans, potatoes, peas:"spot whitening 8.often feed pollen from 9.wrinkles of skin beauty eat oysters

31, the cure of blood stasis dysmenorrhea effects point-haemorrheological nature 】

there is a special effects for the treatment of dysmenorrhea meridians-17 vertebral, severe dysmenorrhea, press the seventeen vertebral 2-3 minutes, can receive immediate effect.this method has the best effect on cold blood stasis.the seventeenth vertebra, on the line of the governor's pulse, is an extranet, located at the 5th lumbar spine.

32,[women's anti-cold tips]

1.drink 2, 000 to 3 thousand milliliters of water daily.(2) outdoor activities when the sun is abundant;sleep early and get enough and cure kidney, eat red date beef, ginger and date beef soup, etc.5.stick to the feet with warm and warm water every day, massage to stimulate the feet, and insist on walking for half an hour.drinking black tea can resist cold;drink hot porridge, such as rice porridge, in the morning.

33,[dispel freckles].

>this party comes from ge hong"the back of the elbow", both of which are good sides of four or two jins, so you can try it.the first is to insist, the second look for some good white art, raw, do not need to fry.

34,[aimidea mm must be seen]

, add a little salt in the water, not only sterilization, but also remove grease;add a little bee in the water and stick to it for a long time to make your skin look 10 years younger.add a little vinegar to the water to make your skin smooth and elastic.women who work in front of a computer, add a little green tea to the water while washing their faces, and can effectively resist radiation.

35,"milk tea:the secrets of the female heart killer"

drinking tea is good for the heart, but new research suggests that adding milk to the refreshing tea break down all components of healthy tea, milk tea was the secrets of the female heart killer.tests showed that while tea increased blood flow by increasing the ability to contract the walls of the arteries, milk completely blocked this healthy effect.

36,"women are the benefits of drinking red wine"

1) appetite(2) appropriate drinking has a nourishing effect(3) helpful for digestion, prevention and treatment of constipation(4) there are anti-aging beauty(5) reduce weight, every litres of dry wine contains 525 calories, 6 is used up by the whole diuresis in 4 hours, to prevent edema 7) sterilization effect can prevent breast cancer pet-name ruby can inhibit fat absorption.but don't drink in the morning.

37,[do you know your menstrual constitution?]female friends~ according to oneself different menstruation body to adjust to adjust~~~ healthy woman is beautiful.

38, p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p bbb/p bbb/p bbb/p bbb/p bbb/p bbb/p bbb/p bbb/p bbb/pthe lamb is washed with clean water and then stir-fried with ginger, then wrapped in gauze with gauze, then cooked with the stir-fried mutton.this soup is especially suitable for the female consumption of qi and blood deficiency, major disease and also has a significant effect on improving menstrual cramps and irregular periods.

39,[the best 7 great food for women]

40,[the secret recipe of menstrual warms]

materials:ginger, orange peel, dried lemon slices, cola.effect:warm, warm house, disappear fat, eating more than 3 weeks of hands and feet cold symptoms improved significantly or disappeared, began losing weight, lower body become thin, especially in the legs, obvious effects can thin leg 3 cm.

41,[vitamin c enhanced female immunity] 1 eat a lot of vitamin c fruits and vegetables and rich in vitamin e, rich walnut, pine nuts, peanuts, etc.drink more water;moderate tea consumption;4 drink some wine;eat some animal liver properly;6 eat mushrooms often;moderate consumption of wheat bran and coarse fiber;8 supplementary arginine:eels, loach, cuttlefish and yam, black sesame, bean curd, and hazelnut contain arginine;9.sunbathe;smiling can stimulate the body to produce immune substances.

42, and wrinkles secret 】 【 breakfast

60% a day nutrition breakfast-60%, do not eat breakfast susceptible to immune suppression, gastrointestinal, cold feet, infertility, 180 kinds of chronic diseases such as heart blood vessel.the woman does not eat breakfast the most hurt uterus, not only can affect the fertility ability some even the wrinkle is longer than the general female earlier, so the woman who love hairdressing can not have breakfast!

43,[women's lifetime of six kinds of rice] 1.the most nourishing of japonica rice, the spleen and stomach filled with the gas nourishing yin and nourishing yin;brown rice is the most digestible, reducing cholesterol and reducing heart attack and stroke; rice is the most complementary to kidney, nourishing yin and nourishing kidney and nourishing the hepatofacial anti-aging beauty;4.glutinous rice is the most detoxifying and rich in protein, fat and sugar, vitamin b2, etc.5.coix seed is the most attractive, the lishui is wet and invigorating the spleen;6.millet has the most stomach, the most beneficial kidney qi, qingyu hot li urination.

44, the most damaged uterus on the upturned back to sleep:

sleep seems simple, but there is a lot of learning, especially for women.long-term bad sleep posture, not only will let body shape go out of shape, but also can cause damage to the body.1.breast most afraid of prone position:this position is easy to make the chest compression(2) the uterus afraid of supine position for a long time:the position of the uterus should be forward proneness, and supine position is easy to cause after the uterus.

45,[how to be a happy woman]

1, saving friendship;2.learn to let go;3.sow kindness;4.know music;avoid the pain of being unloved and unloved;6.learn to bear;7.always be grateful;8.loving work; diligent in learning;10.enjoy the shipment.

/p>/p>/p>/p bbb/p bbb/p bbb/p bbb/p bbb/p bbb/p bbb/p bbb/p bbb/p bbb/pthe next three inches of the umbilicus.

47,"according to the uterine cavity, beauty and sleeping 】

a busy day, a best massage before sleeping beauty sleep, uterine cavity under navel straight palm width distance, four fingers on both sides of the lateral is wide.after the rest of the four points are pointed, the mouth of the tiger sticks to the waist, and it is pressed for 3 to 5 seconds after 3-5 laps of the thumb.1 repeat 1, 2 minutes, not only to resist aging but also to help sleep.

48, you want to remove the chloasma, the liver and spleen are essential.30 grams of yam, 30 grams of cocos, 10 grams of white, 6 grams of liquorice, and 600 ml of water to cook, morning and night, for two or three months, to see the addition, be careful not to spend too much time in the sun in the sun, eat more fresh fruits, vegetables, less spicy and spicy food, while maintaining a cheerful spirit.


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