half an hour after dinner is a golden period!i have lived a longer life than my peers






, what are the appropriate parts for


half an hour after breakfast

a little affectations, longevity 20 years,

every day to eat a nutritious breakfast,

is very important for good health,

and after breakfast half an hour,

if you can make good use of,

to health and health can get twice the result with half the effort.

what's the best thing to do?

[yi] 01.eat some fruit.

for breakfast after breakfast,

fruit is a good addition to breakfast.

the best choice is to kiwi and strawberries,

because these two kinds of fruit,

vitamin content is very rich,

rich vitamin intake can be refreshing in the morning,

to ensure the working efficiency of the whole morning.

02 massage your knee.

from the theory of traditional chinese medicine,

7~ 9 o 'clock in the morning the stomach,

stomach classics in the meridian of traditional chinese medicine known as

"longevity", after the knee joint.


03 banging on the lateral crus.

for 5 minutes after breakfast,

will help you live longer.

there is the human body,

one of the most important point

-foot three mile,

flap after the meal but germinal stomach qi,

dry spleen wet, favorable longevity.

although just a little affectations,

or longevity for 20 years,

what is there against it?

a lot of middle-aged and old friend used to exercise in the morning,

but, after breakfast,

it is best not to immediately,

otherwise it is easy to cause indigestion,

if the exercise intensity is bigger,

still can cause abdominal pain, or gastrointestinal disease,

in patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases have dangerous.

nap, stretch, tiptoe[yi] 01.

, a psychologist at harvard university found that

a nap at noon,

to relieve stress, enhance memory,

even if only ten minutes,

effect is immediate.

02 extension, tiptoe, deep breathing.

"if you can't fall asleep,

it is best to also want to rest your throat,

especially people talk more at ordinary times."

at the university of michigan health system in the united states,

research center of norman hodge, yan said

can use this time,

stretch, stand on tiptoe,

deep breathing, can be refreshing.

【 taboo 】

to drink strong tea.


in addition, the tea immediately after a meal,

a lot of water into the stomach,

will dilute gastric secretion of digestive juices,

which affects the stomach to digest food work.

half an hour after dinner

do household chores, flap meridian

a busy day,

after dinner time is the most abundant,

people also like to arrange a lot of things after dinner.

but there are taboos after dinner.

[yi] 01 do some housework.



02 pat meridians.

use this time beating meridians,

is aimed at ren meridian,

is the lower abdomen above the middle part,

there are a lot of important points distribution here,

a meal for 20 minutes, gently from top to bottom

can help digestion, strengthen physical health.

1 are anxious to avoid 】 【 bath and soak the foot.

2 immediately, such as square dancing and boxing.


half an hour after the meal period is the regimen of gold,

after breakfast a little affectations,

or longevity 20 years;

for a nap after lunch,

to relieve stress and regulate mood;




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is from a national doctor.