make a quick attempt to get through the disease

is usually when we are dizzy, tired, and have a headache, and we tend to rub our forehead in spite of ourselves, or knock it lightly with our fists, which will make us feel more comfortable.

you can't look down on this action, this unintentional knock on a dozen, just stimulate the core of our heart brain problem:eyebrow heart.

the eyebrows:

human body blood pressure blood lipid control point

the eyebrows is the compound chinese medicine meridian acupoints glabella point, keeping in good health will be glabella point known as the"abdomen", classical chinese medicine and some people think that in order to stimulate the parts, qijia, will be able to gain immortality live"dan".traditional medicine believes that there is a certain truth to health through printing.



/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p bb

is yellow, indicating the deficiency of human qi and blood and weakness of spleen and stomach.

, you see, this blood lipid, blood pressure, brain blood supply and other problems are controlled by this printing hole, as long as we can get through a lot of problems here, we can solve the problem.

through the eyebrows, all ills not assault~

in view of traditional chinese medicine, yin tang problems belong to the weak fact, when encountering this kind of situation, want to massage only the eyebrow heart, fatigue symptom can get very good remission.

printing hole is easy to find, located on the face of the face, between the right and left eyebrow is in the middle of the printing hall.


every day between the thumb and forefinger picked two eyebrow skin slightly up 100 times, you can feel a kind of has a bloated sense to spread on both sides, that is the sun be the spirit in shock, after you can feel the special awake brain, eyes are very bright.south shao lin fire work massage institute hint:often massages this printing hall acupoint, also can make the brain reaction is sharp, enhance memory, improve eyesight decrease.this hole has obvious adjustment and improvement effect on the nasal congestion caused by chronic rhinitis and the dizziness, headache and olfactory function that accompany with it.

find self massage method

1.the right hand middle finger straight and bending fingers;


3.every morning and evening will be kneaded for about two to three minutes each time.

4.can also use the right thumb and forefinger to squeeze the skin of the two eyebrows slightly upward, each day morning and evening each drawing 50 to 100 times.(also can be shown directly with thumb massage)

to get through this control point, the brain blood supply problem will improve, and the symptoms of headache, dizziness and other high blood pressure can have a good effect.

health should be in your own hands, so every day you should do your own work, and according to this eyebrow, dizziness and headache will be a great improvement to our problems.simple, effective, and recommended to family and friends this good method

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