what disease sees traditional chinese medicine?what disease sees western medicine?see this article at a glance!

traditional chinese medicine is a unique medical treasure in our country for thousands of years.western medicine is a medical subject that has arisen in the past 100 years.although the two have different theoretical foundations, they do not prevent them from saving lives.some people say western medicine is good, and some people say chinese medicine is strong.the family of longevity and health feel that different diseases, chinese and western medicine have the advantages:

    <p>some diseases should pay more attention to conditioning, should not run to see western medicine;</p><p>some symptoms are more suitable for western medicine, and western medicine should be selected.</p>

famous square finishing a form, according to the different symptoms, recommend different alternative direction~

disease of heart head blood-vessel, first in the west after

such as hypertension, heart disease, stroke, cerebral infarction, etc.western medicine has a rapid control of symptoms in acute attacks.but it cannot cure the disease, and traditional chinese medicine plays a great role in improving the patient's physique.

constipation:the preferred tcm

cold:chinese and western medicine can

.most of the time, the cold doesn't take seven days, it's good to take the medicine for a week, and the infusion can be good for a week.the key is whether to boost immunity while treating a cold.in general, drink water at the beginning of the cold, and vitamin c can be added to strengthen immunity.

, if the sudden high fever does not return, cough, headache and other symptoms are relatively heavy, can seek western medicine, clear cause, be helpful for guidance medicine.

cervical spondylosis:chinese traditional chinese medicine

traditional chinese medicine therapy is a great feature of the treatment of the disease, and it is more advantageous to be used in the treatment of chinese medicine.

facial paralysis:the preferred traditional chinese medicine(tcm)

oral disease:preferred western medicine

western medicine dental related medical equipment perfect, in the surgical orthopaedic, treatment and other advantages obvious.

:some non-organic lesions such as mouth sores and gum swelling can be selected for tcm treatment.

spleen and stomach disease:preferred tcm

, such as chronic gastritis, abdominal distension and loose stool, etc., the general course of illness is longer and the mechanism is more complex.western medicine is a single component, it is inferior to chinese medicine individualized treatment(one side) is more likely to get close to the disease.

traditional chinese medicine thinks that the spleen is ascending, the main body of the stomach drops, and the chinese medicine helps regulate the spleen and stomach, and when necessary, the liver can be properly adjusted and the digestive system disease can be adjusted well.

allergic disease:preferred traditional chinese medicine

eczema, urticaria, allergic rhinitis, allergic asthma, etc., generally belongs to immune dysfunction.because the immune system has the characteristic that affects the whole body, it is very difficult to find the target with western medicine, often can restrain immune function, stop medicine hind easy to repeat.

and the doctor of traditional chinese medicine is jump out of local from the whole to adjust, think allergy is due to the relative lack of vital qi, pathogens invasion, treatment is auxiliary and discharge pathogens, simple treatment or receive good effect.

skin disease

whelk:preferred chinese traditional chinese medicine

.traditional chinese medicine can be adjusted from the whole body, but it has a long lasting effect.

vitiligo:chinese and western characteristics

vitiligo is a refractory disease and treatment needs to be sustained.western medicine mainly in local medicine, laser treatment features;traditional chinese medicine relies on syndrome differentiation and treatment to carry out systemic conditioning.

shingles:the preferred traditional chinese medicine

shingles is a virus infection, and western medicine has no specific drugs for the virus.the curative effect of chinese and western medicine is better.

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/p>/p bbb/p> infection:chinese and western medicine can

, such as pelvic inflammatory disease, vaginitis, etc.for acute episode, the use of western medicine to fight infection is quick.traditional chinese medicine and traditional chinese medicine therapy have a better effect on some chronic recurrent inflammation.

infertility:according to the etiology

, you should first look for the cause of the disease, and then determine whether to seek traditional chinese medicine or western medicine.there are definite organic diseases such as fallopian tube obstruction and so on, western medicine treatment is better, but most functional lesions are caused by the traditional chinese medicine.

primary dysmenorrhea:traditional chinese medicine

menstrual disorder:traditional chinese medicine

gynecologic disease is often a hormone secretion disorder.if it is simple to regulate certain hormones, it is not only difficult to control the dosage, but also can trigger a series of hormonal changes in the body.traditional chinese medicine is also a strong point in regulating gynaecology.according to traditional chinese medicine, gynecological diseases are usually treated with stasis or blood deficiency in the body, and the treatment of liver nourishing kidney and blood circulation is very good.

menopause syndrome:chinese and western medicine combined

western medicine treatment is more obvious in some groups, and tcm long-term care is more secure.

insomnia:see chinese traditional chinese medicine

insomnia is mostly functional disorder, tcm can be treated from the angle of qi and blood, yin and yang and so on, and has a good curative effect.

:the western medicine of sedation and sleeping is easy to lead to dependence and can only be taken in a short time.

migraine:see chinese traditional chinese medicine

first check the clear etiology, and then take the traditional chinese medicine after eliminating the problem of organic matter.

migraine is mostly without cause, it is functional disorder, western medicine has no better method.

subhealth:normal or slightly different indicators of traditional chinese medicine


complex chronic diseases:tcm

, such as chronic nephritis, rheumatism, apoplexy sequelae, tumor, etc., western medicine may take hormone therapy, with certain side effects.

traditional chinese medicine, by dialectical selection, drinking decoction or acupuncture, the effect is good, and the damage to liver and kidney function is small, and the combination of tumor patients with chinese medicine can also alleviate the toxic and side effects of chemotherapy.

a physical illness:tcm

some people usually prone to fatigue, low energy, dizzy, bad breath, constipation, mood symptoms such as irritability, although mentally very uncomfortable, but from the western medicine laboratory, cinematic inspection found no obvious organic disorder.

.these are also the areas that chinese medicine is good at, which can be used to select medicine for these symptoms, so as to achieve early treatment and prevent the aggravation of the disease.

look at chinese medicine six note

chinese emphasize"inspection, auscultation and olfaction, inquiry, and pulse-taking and palpation,"but a lot of people go to the chinese medicine before, because often overlooked some details, and affected the tcm doctor to the patient look, tongue veins of observation, and then affect the diagnosis of disease.see chinese medicine, must achieve 6"no".

1.no makeup

"watch"is very important to diagnose, must let chinese doctor see your"original face".

2.yang mei, wu mei and so on, easy to make the tongue of the tongue black;coffee, oranges and vitamin b2 may cause the tongue to turn yellow;just drink hot drink before treatment, can make the tongue turn red.

3.do not use or eat smelly things

do not use strong perfume or skin care products;do not eat smelly food, such as onions, garlic, etc., so as not to affect the accuracy of the smell.

4.not to do strenuous exercise

pulse diagnosis is an important means of tcm diagnosis and treatment, and should try to maintain a calm mood before treatment, avoid the factors such as irritable mood and strenuous exercise, which can have an impact on the diagnosis.

5.not frequent change of doctor

many diseases require a certain amount of time, and frequent change of doctor will only lead to the repetition of treatment.

general of chronic disease, if 1~ 2 months after treatment still has no obvious effect, can consider to choose a doctor, but must save previous medical records or prescription, in order to let the doctor know your treatment.

6.do not use the prescription in the past, or someone else's prescription

some people think that the disease is good, can put the prescription has, for future use when symptoms appear again, or see someone similar with his condition, will someone else's prescription for own use.this is not true.

look at western medicine four note

in the diagnosis and treatment of western medicine, in addition to need a doctor rich clinical experience, also need to all kinds of inspection report as a diagnostic basis.in order to treat the disease as soon as possible, avoid unnecessary inspection, and reduce the cost of money, watch western medicine, the following points should also be taken care of.

1.the time, cause and process of the pathogenesis of

2.appointment check for the notice of the note

3.a lot of examinations for personal hygiene

4.the medicine name of western medicine is somewhat difficult to remember, and if the doctor does not remember, it may hinder the diagnosis and treatment.

p bbb 3 acute std, accidental injury, organic disease general disease general western medicine.

chronic, degenerative disease and sub-health status should be supplemented by traditional chinese medicine.

:the choices of traditional chinese medicine and western medicine in different diseases are so different!therefore, the doctor must not choose the wrong broad direction, this article, for your reference, also please tell more friendsthe

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