drink siwu soup women do not have to do beauty how to drink?

drink siwutang women do not do beauty

[remedy] rehmannia 15g angelica 15g white peony root 10g chuanxiong 8g[function] blood and blood

[attending] blood stagnation card.palpitations, insomnia, dizziness, pale, the woman irregular menstruation, by the amount of amenorrhea, manifested as pale tongue, pulse string or small astringent.[modern applications] modern normal cut for the treatment of irregular menstruation, fetal diseases, urticaria, orthopedic diseases, henoch-schonlein purpura, headache and other blood camp is a staggering.[fang jie] camp blood stagnation syndrome that blood deficiency and stagnation, stagnation.the side of the nourishing yin and blood to fill fine, white peony convergence of blood and yin and camp; angelica blood circulation regulating menstruation, chuanxiong blood gas qingyu.four things match, fill in pass, ziyin not greasy, warm and not dry, yin and yang reconcile, so camp blood recovery.

introduction of the four main characters angelica:angelica the primary effect is the blood and menstruation, in addition to ze yan emollient effect, in the protection of women's health plays an extremely important role.rehmannia:to deal with women pale, dizzy, irregular menstruation, and angelica can also increase the compatibility of angelica blood, activating blood circulation.chuanxiong:both as the main gynecological drugs, but also the treatment of headache recipe, but also affect the endocrine system, reduce breast discomfort, mood anxiety and depression and other premenstrual symptoms.white peony root:"tang materia medica"said it"benefit women's blood,"modern chinese medicine that it can nourish the liver and flexibility, has a good effect on irregular menstruation.siwu tang to drink like this the fastest way to blood, that is, from the day after the end of menstruation drink siwu tang, and even drink 3 days.it is best for women to get into the habit of taking siwu tang from a young age.not only can they reduce menstrual pain, menstrual bleeding, abdominal distension and other symptoms, but also their physiological functions and skin are less prone to aging when they are old.now, there are also selling on the market to brew si si tang, but their own medicine to the pharmacy, and then the feeling of small casserole soup is irreplaceable! in fact, stew siwu tang really simple, the herbs used in the general drugstore can buy, you may wish to give it a try.

● basic cooking method materials:angelica, rehmannia, chuanxiong, white peony root each 15 grams.

practices:in all herbs first add the right amount of wine, add boiling water can be.tips:boiled with a medium-sized rice bowl filled with 4 bowls of water, cook until the end of a bowl of water on the ok.usage:fasting morning and evening, any temperature can be, but after cooking the best not to be placed overnight cook.efficacy:blood and blood, not only can improve the pale, rough skin conditions, but also make the hair becomes moist.however, the basic cooking boiled siwu tang may have a lot of girls not accustomed to, because it is completely the feeling of traditional chinese medicine soup it! do not depressed, siwu tang cooking is actually very flexible, think let it drink better, as long as the feed into the line it! sweet cook method four si tang, the good dates, wolfberry put down a lot, soup water will definitely become sweet.of course, you can also add a little sugar or sugar into it, but in order to maintain the body, or put some sugar is better!

note that:

siwu tang as a tonic, it has a warm nature.so, for some people who have a hot body or heat, taking siwu tang is easy to get angry and grow acne.rehmannia, angelica for some people with poor gastrointestinal function, easy to cause diarrhea.

take siwu tang often feel dry mouth.encounter these circumstances, we must make the appropriate adjustments to the original side, we can avoid the occurrence of the above side effects:1.blood heat to reduce the amount of chuanxiong;

3.deficiency constitution to use cooked, hot constitution of habitat;

3.that need to make up and need to heat when the habitat, p> 4.stomatitis to join the scrophulariaceae;

people with the above symptoms, need to take jiawei siwu tang.love love the fire, but also love zhangdou symptoms, you need to take on the cool make up with qinlian siwu tang.reminder:siwu tang is good, but should not be taken every day, otherwise it will cause excessive menstrual flow, breathing wheeze, and even pale.or even cause hormonal imbalance in the body, and even induce uterine lesions, be sure to ask the chinese medicine practitioners before use.in addition, the flu can not drink siwu tang, lest even get angry, aggravating the condition.

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