do not do this after most of the men and women have done it

harmony is a healthy part of life, but many people do not value things after the end of the event.some things should not be done after the room, done will be impressed by the health of men.i believe many people already know this common sense.

cold drink

during the course of sexual life, road blood vessels in the dilated state, gastrointestinal mucosal congestion has not returned to normal before intake of cold drinks will make the gastrointestinal mucosa suddenly suffered cold and some damage, or even cause gastrointestinal upset or colic.

so after the room should not drink cold water immediately or take a cold shower.about 1 hour after the event, the body's blood circulation returned to normal, then drink cold or cold water bath is appropriate.

cold shower

the room is a more intense activity, immediately after taking a bath will make the blood flock to the skin and muscle tissue, easily reduce the supply of other vital organs, the heart and brain blood supply once reduced, the normal physiological function will be affected, triggering panic, asthma and some other diseases.especially after the intense sexual life take a cold shower, skin blood vessels will suddenly shrink, a lot of blood will flow back to the heart, thereby increasing the burden on the heart.immediately after going to bed

do not go to bed immediately after sex, get up continue to do some things in daily life, can make the reflex nerves due to sexual intercourse stimuli smooth recovery.if it is completed immediately after the fall asleep, the dull sleep effect combined with the dull effect of sexual stimulation, fatigue will continue until the next day, so you backache.immediately urinate

sexual life just ended, penile congestion has not yet subsided, and urethral sphincter and detrusor contraction has not yet been eliminated, which led to high urethral resistance, resulting in dysuria even urine can not come this time, such as urgency urination, urinary tract pressure will increase, with bacteria and metabolic waste urine reflux will enter the prostate, long-term, easily lead to prostatitis.

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