minutes will be able to see if your womb is not sick female friends should look!

it can be seen in 1 minute whether your uterus is sick or not.female friends should look at it!

the uterus is the organ that produces the period and the fetus, located in the center of the pelvis, between the bladder and the rectum.uterine size and age and fertility, unexplained about 7.5cm, width 5cm, thickness 3cm, the uterus can be divided into the bottom, the body and the neck of three parts.the uterine cavity is inverted triangle, about 6cm deep, the upper corner of the"uterine horn", leading to the fallopian tubes.the lower end of the narrow"isthmus", about 1cm long.isthmus gradually extended during pregnancy, the formation of the lower part of the uterus during labor.1, leucorrhea abnormalities many women on the uterus will be reflected in the leucorrhea, the vagina under normal circumstances a small amount of milky secretions, the cervix and endometrial glands secretions, and mixed shedding of vaginal epithelial cells, white blood cells and lactobacilli, colorless, odorless or egg white-like, acidic reaction.however, there is too much sticky into the bean dregs samples, too much, yellow or yellowish green, bloodshot should be wary of gynecological diseases, vaginal discharge is usually an inflammation, and even one of the main symptoms of cancer.

2, fat

when the uterus is not warm enough, in order to maintain their normal functioning, it will accumulate fat to maintain their own calories, the more obvious signs of cold palace, fat accumulation will be more and more, it will lead to weight gain.3, pubic hair and more many people mistakenly think that women have more pubic hair, strong sexual desire.is simply nonsense, the number of female pubic hair and hormone in the body.if the pubic hair is too much, it is likely polycystic ovary syndrome.in the early period generally does not appear pubic hair, hair and more the status quo, after menstruation less or even stopped, pubic hair will grow more than before.pelvic mass

when the fibroids are too large or the patient's body is thinner, the lower abdomen can touch the harder solid mass, especially before the morning urination easy to touch however, women of childbearing age, if found pelvic mass, the primary consideration is not uterine fibroids, but exclude pregnancy.

5, abdominal pain

median abdominal pain by the uterus lesions, less common.side of the lower abdominal pain by the side of the uterus caused by lesions of the appendix, right lower abdominal pain can also be caused by appendicitis; bilateral lower abdominal pain and even full-abdominal pain, rupture of the ovarian cyst, tubal pregnancy rupture or pelvic peritonitis.
6, cold hands and feet
palace cold is a clear cold hands and feet, cold than the average person, in addition to the tongue is a light white moss, like spicy food, often feel the whole body boring.menstrual disorders

menstrual instability, sometimes in advance sometimes delayed, before menstrual there will be leucorrhea, breast pain and other symptoms, menstrual bloodshed will appear black and have blood clots exist.menstrual volume or menstrual extension but the basic normal menstrual cycle, the typical symptoms of uterine fibroids.others, such as adenomyosis, menstrual disorders, intrauterine devices can be placed by the amount of increased.gong cold female friends to seize this 3 strokes, warm, very caring!

1, diet conditioning

in traditional chinese medicine health, female physical yin, so do not be tan tan.even in the hot summer, women do not eat too much cold drinks, cold fruits and other cold things, remove the food from the refrigerator is best placed for some time to eat, before eating cold food is best to eat some hot food pad a pad.

usually should also eat some warm air food, such as walnuts, dates, peanuts and so on.you can also eat after the end of menstruation ejiao, antlers and other blood, usually you can eat angelica ginger mutton soup conditioning.

2, pay attention to warm

if you are gong cold, it is recommended that you keep warm in every season, do not appear suddenly hot phenomenon, otherwise you the body really can not stand, sooner or later have to give yourself an extra coat is best, do not freeze to your waist, as well as the shoulder.do not have been in the air-conditioned room, you can go outside at rest time, so that the pores of the natural atmosphere of exposure to the outside world, if the body can have a chill out.also be careful not to have a cold chair, such as the ground, stone or iron chair, so as not to be cold.3, brisk walking gong cold women are mostly quiet and calm, exercise too easy to feel tired.in fact, the health and health yang, cold constitutional physical activity in particular need to improve physical fitness.walking is the easiest way to walk, especially walking on the gravel road, can stimulate the foot of the meridians and acupuncture points, you can clear the meridians, regulating blood, improve blood circulation, so that the whole body warm.

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