there are a few slots to vomit emergency department doctor

by zheng xiaolong, zhang jia translated, wang luo dan, jiang shan starring in the medical drama series"emergency doctor"has hit.earlier, zhang jiayi once said that zheng xiaolong was a"frenzied"pursuit of perfectionism in the play.the details were even more extreme.however, many netizens found some gaps."emergency department doctor"screenwriter is also a medical professional, beijing union medical college hospital during the filming more a doctor tracking guide shooting, it can be said is a very distracting crew, after all, the director is zheng xiaolong.however, the heart does not mean perfect, although zhang jiayi once said that zheng xiaolong is simply"frenzied"for the pursuit of perfection, sharp-eyed netizens singled out some unreasonable the first two episodes, dr.jiang huimin, the deputy chief physician who played jiang shan, ate in the cafeteria, suddenly received emergency mission, the meal did not finish, they hurried to the consultation room and the patient this series of movements, wearing a glove mask is also a matter of course, but did not wear a hat, the female doctor's long hair and waist was originally the united states and the united states drops, but here has become a not wear a hat surgery, do not worry about that long hair fall into the wound? in addition to not wearing a hat, doctors often do not wear gloves to check the patient is the user focus tucao objects, in the first two episodes of this situation have appeared in yesterday's story also appeared to wear no gloves phenomenon.the protagonist set the halo halo is too powerful, and many inconsistencies in reality have also been tucao, for example, the hospital neglected in the treatment of no direct payment of salvage, which in reality is the first payment after treatment, not there is a very serious disagreement over the payment of non-treatment.users have said that such a doctor only exists in the tv the third episode, pregnant women gave birth to children in hospital toilets and fled to the hospital after the door fainted, and was rescued to the emergency room.after the examination, did a hysterectomy for it.saying that which hospital is now afraid to take the initiative to sign the patient's family without surgery, but these men and women dare, because they are acting.

there is also a bribed dog officer bribed, satiated drunk these dog officials should be worthy of life like gold, never dare to drink drunk, but the story appeared, but also hit people.the show reminds me that the drunk driving accident will take place.there will be two drunk driving events in one episode, one dead and one wounded.

there are also doctors vomiting from the professional point of view

episode 5 there was a tragic fire.a hot pot shop explosion because of gas leaks.heroes in the story are seriously injured in order to save a young girl(in real life there is such a hero of heroic dedication to selfless sacrifice for people who do not know him).this mass extinction group of critically wounds, a great test of a medical unit's emergency ability, seeing a large number of patients poured into the international emergency department.

head and face burn patients, airway maintenance is very important, airway obstruction caused by inhalation injury that can be divided into five minutes let you fill in a single to break this? here we must introduce a good technique called percutaneous tracheostomy(yes, you guessed it, is the first episode of airway obstruction, the results of the annular membrane puncture the neck was magical technique) , compared with traditional tracheotomy, safe, visual(guided by ultrasound and fiberoptic bronchoscopy), less trauma, faster recovery, is very suitable for this need to protect the airway head and face burn patients.

having said that the most important rehydration and airway, let's talk about wounds:

what, uh, about this mask, really want to talk about, this stuff a big and small, how do you bring back anti, which is a ghost? this nose and mouth mask for nasal catheter can not meet the oxygen requirements of patients((1) please ignore again the intense professionalism that i hope this patient is out of breath.) in addition to this general mask, upgraded oxygen therapy equipment also includes oxygen mask, venturi mask, high flow oxygen, noninvasive breathing machine relative contraindications) and invasive is clearly not appropriate for a patient with a strong desire for survival to use oxygen in the mask(not at a low oxygen concentration but at a risk of airway obstruction).director you can not let the patient say the last few words so that he risked such a serious airway obstruction ah! however, you still have to praise for you, because you did not allow him to hold the endotracheal tube or with a gas-cut speech...these two have really happened in the drama of a large galaxy of ideas, then let us tucao to however, for this warm moment, see the hero to see......

to the little girl he rescued, i held back all the tucao, forced a snivel, wiped his tears.for the true love of this world, take a break to go to work.

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