natural heart-saving pill everyone has

even your body is hidden with a"quick save heart pill", made time, save countless!!! quick rescue heart pill, nitroglycerin should be carried, however, in the face of sudden chest tightness, angina, around these drugs do not how to do? in fact, all the drugs are better than the human body, however, and every one of us comes with a quick-saving heart pill, where? please look down for a record.

comes with save heart pill

first aid-press hard, alternating hands rub; or puncture purple veins.first aid with this method, it is better to eat 6 quick help heart pills

the big fishbone is the reflex area of ​​the heart.

1, daily press 10~ 20 minutes, just like massage the heart directly! there are relieve heart stress care effect; 2, emergency, if a strong stimulation, as if to do a direct pressure to the heart to save, there are quick cure heart pill effect of the general treatment.we suggest that this method should be used as one of the daily care and health care methods for the elderly.everyone in the middle and old age must learn to knead every day, and can save lives in emergency.

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