several kinds of fruit than pills also work

taking medicine will be quick and effective, but will bring unnecessary side brings together 14 kinds of fruit equivalent to the drug effect, there is no side effects, if you do not know, it is a great loss ah! 1, eating strawberries to cultivate patience to add vitamins

eating strawberries it builds patience because it's a low-stalk herbaceous plant that is susceptible to contamination during growth.therefore, wash it patiently before eating:remove the leaves, rinse under running water, then soak in salt water for 5-10 minutes and finally soak in cold water for 1-2 minutes.after that, you can eat this nutrient-rich"vitamin pills"eat.2, eat bananas to maintain a happy mood

eat banana help inner weak, sentimental people to disperse the pessimistic, irritable emotions, to maintain a peaceful and happy mood.this is mainly because it increases the pleasing serotonin content of the brain.the study found that depression in patients with brain serotonin levels less than normal.3, eat grapes to enhance immune anti-aging

suitable for lazy people to eat, because the most healthy way to eat is not skinned, not spit.grape skins and grapes are more nutritious than grapes.the reason why red wine has better health benefits than white wine is because it is made with leather.researchers at the university of bordeaux, france, also found that grape seeds rich in immunity, anti-aging substances, 85% into the body after being absorbed.4, eat pears help organ detoxification

pear is to make lively, energetic is rich in water, rich in vitamins a, b, c, d, e and trace elements iodine, to maintain the health of the cells and tissues, to help detoxify organs, purify, but also soften blood vessels, to promote blood to more calcium to skeleton.but when eating peas must be chewed to better absorption.5, eat dragon fruit to ease heavy metal poisoning

dragon fruit nutritious, unique function, excellent effect on human contains rare plants in general plant albumin and anthocyanins, rich in vitamins and water-soluble dietary fiber.albumin is a sticky, gummy substance that has the detoxifying effect on heavy metal poisoning.6, eating grapefruit to maintain vascular health

grapefruit is a guarantee human health, the healthy functioning of the cardiovascular contains pectin can reduce low density lipoprotein, reduce damage to the arterial wall, maintain vascular function, prevent arteriosclerosis and heart disease.the researchers also found that eating eight grapefruit can significantly promote the movement of injured tissues and organs to restore health.7, eat apple to prevent cancer

eat a small amount of apple can prevent a variety of diseases, but also make people feel full, is indeed the most pragmatic fruit.the american cancer research center in particular recommended that people often eat apples to prevent cancer, because of which rich in natural antioxidants can effectively eliminate free radicals and reduce the incidence of cancer.watermelon diuretic detoxification

watermelon full of water and fructose, vitamins, minerals and amino acids, in addition to improving the heat stroke fever, sweating and thirsty, less urine, urine dark yellow, stomatitis, blood in the stool, alcoholism were appropriate to eat, significant effect.

9, eat lychee blood beauty

chi, promote the role of qi, often eat spleen yigan wyatt, blood, yang xin god, the motherland medicine that:eat litchi can make people baise ruddy, good health.kiwifruit to reduce cholesterol

kiwi nutrient-rich, not only to supplement human nutrition, but also to prevent carcinogenic nitrosamines generated in the body; the other to reduce the role of cholesterol and triglycerides.

11, eat longan appetizers and spleen

longan sweet , the main effect can be appetizers and spleen, nourishing the nerves, tonic long wisdom.

12, eat pineapple to help digestion and absorption

pineapple flesh contains a unique enzyme that breaks down proteins.therefore, if you eat a lot of meat dishes, then chew on a few slices of fresh pineapple, to help digestion and absorption is very good.

13, eat durian to promote bowel movements

durian is rich in the protein and lipid, the body has a good role in nourishing, is a good source of fruit nutrition.durian has a special smell, this smell has appetizers, the effect of appetite, of which dietary fiber can also promote bowel movements.

14, eat peaches and heat lungs

, sweet and sour, can quench thirst quencher, heat runfei, a"fruit of the lung,"said, suitable for patients with lung disease consumption.nutritious peach fruit, especially iron content is rich, is ideal for patients with iron deficiency anemia diet good addition, peaches and potassium, less sodium, suitable for edema in patients with food.summer peach, yin yang sheng jin, runchang dry.

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