woman zhangdou how to do? do these tests can be diagnosed

"genital itching"is a more shy topic for women.in the bathroom, she was surprised to find that the private part actually grew pimples.i did not know what to do but had to face it.however, the acne is not a private part of the woman is not a small problem, if these symptoms occur, you have to pay attention and vigilance, may be related to sexually transmitted diseases!

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what is the reason for acne? symptoms of private parts chief acne:large acne around the vagina, different sizes, the number of vaginal dryness in the same room when the pain, fever, itching and swelling of the vagina around the vagina.1, sex life is not clean, vaginal acne can be caused by a venereal disease-genital warts:early red or reddish millet-sized acne, the tip slightly pointed, gradually growing or increased, can develop into papillary or cystic.

2, sexual health, vaginal weeks may be pearl rash infection:multiple around the vagina, with granulation and other vegetation, accompanied by foul smell, secondary infection after scratching.3, there is no sexual vaginal life but there is zhangdou, mostly vaginitis:urethritis, trichomoniasis and other infections, resulting in vulvitis, vaginitis, leukoplakia and other gynecological inflammation, will lead to genital growth acne-like small lump.

prostitute private parts to do what gynecological examination?

the first thing to be clear is that private parts of zhangdou generally do not eliminate themselves, we must conduct professional treatment.must first pay attention to local cleaning, keep clean.try not to scratch the affected area, do not pinch or dig dredging acne, in order to avoid cross-infection spread to other parts.should also go to the hospital to do these two tests:1, colposcopy:imaging magnification can be 10-40 times to observe the tiny lesions of the vagina or cervical surface, mainly for the diagnosis of early cervical lesions.take suspicious examination at the microscopic examination to improve the diagnosis rate.

2, leucorrhea routine examination:check items include ph, vaginal cleanliness, mold or trichomoniasis, amine test, clue cells, etc., can help doctors determine the reason to help diagnose.in short, women appear long acne around the vagina, do not hesitate and embarrassed, it should promptly go to the hospital for examination, as long as the patient actively cooperate, the treatment is not difficult.if you really related to stds, the more difficult to cure the more dragged down!