emergency rescue doctors can not conceal the true story of the fake dumb

after the"emergency department doctor"was launched, the word of mouth was extremely polarized.on the one hand, the acting of the actress wang luodan was controversial.the audience always compared her with bai bai he in surgical circumstances.on the other hand, the scene of the rescue is restored in place of the drama, and there is no mistaken medical common sense as in"surgical cases".it is said that the director of this drama specially invited beijing hospital of traditional chinese medicine and beijing union medical college hospital doctors and nurses throughout the supervision and guidance, in order to show the professionalism.after all, as a medical drama, professionalism is a must.but in addition to professional excellence, the story should not be the same? before that there was a story that said the story was too loose, did not create a tight atmosphere during the first aid, did not have a long time to render the emotions of people when they died, it is over quickly.the story is switched too fast, the audience does not have a strong sense of substitution.

but all this can be tolerated, unbearable to the real life drama, the audience saw a word-fake.in the latest episode, a nibbling lady sent her own mother, but her mother was obviously old enough that her physical problems were not remedied.as a result, after the death of her mother, she actually hired a gang of ambushes to rush to an emergency department to block up the emergency department at the gate and channel, which seriously affected the normal operation of the emergency department.according to this situation occurs in the hospital, the hospital has long been the police to help these people bring back to the bureau, after all, you block in the channel, but the impact of life, but the matter.can"emergency department doctor"in the pour, not only did not call the police, but also allow these people to continue in the hospital downtown, no one tube.but also to carry out the"internal investigation", which screenwriter in order to create drama conflict, actually fake with such a fake plot to the audience, when the audience is stupid? say you still think this"emergency department doctor"where more fake it? let's discuss and discuss together.